Condolences And Thanks To Forum And Tour Friends

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Condolences And Thanks To Forum And Tour Friends

Postby scocoh » Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:18 am

We didn't say much to anyone back when we heard the news. We tried to get on the forum but it was overwhelmed, which was probably just as well since we didn't know what to say or how to describe our feelings. We wanted for a long while to come on and say a few things to the many friends we've made over the years on the forum and on the road. There is still a feeling of bewilderment, sadness, and disappointment but also an even greater appreciation for Leonard and his music. We wanted to say how we greatly appreciate the many people we've met here who furthered our enjoyment and understanding of the man and his music. How important the forum was to us during those last several years! It was our reliable hub of information for news, records, shows and of course it's uniquely wonderful to have a place to connect with people who think of Leonard the same way we do. And then we were blessed to be able to meet many friends in person on the road on various Leonard trips which made those shows even more memorable. To see familiar faces from around the world as you find your seat at an LC show is a very fun and special moment. Our hearts went out to you all when the news broke and we've thought of you often in the months since. It will never be the same of course, both on the forum and on the road, but hopefully friendships will continue and interesting events will take place. We won't mention names so as not to leave anyone out, except to especially thank Jarkko and Marie for all they've done over the years. So to those on the forum with whom we've enjoyed so many discussions, stories, lyric hunting, lyric deciphering, and concert reminiscences and to those from the road with whom we've shared a drink or a meal or who have done us ticket favors or shown us their home towns-- we offer you our heartfelt condolences and thanks. We hope to see you on the forum or somewhere on the road in the future.

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Re: Condolences And Thanks To Forum And Tour Friends

Postby sereneava » Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:41 am

"bewilderment, sadness and disappointment" Thank your for that description of my feelings. That connection is what I love about the Forum. I hope it will continue to be a special place to share our love of Leonard and his work. Best wishes Susan

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