Dearest Jarkko and Dearest Marie

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Dearest Jarkko and Dearest Marie

Postby lizzytysh » Sat Nov 12, 2016 4:35 am

This is how my long post began (the subject line) with about 5 long paragraphs, but it would not send and then it eventually was lost. With many details, I expressed my deepest condolences for your loss of your own precious friend. I will continue tomorrow. Long since tomorrow, this is my recreated, not original, post:

Dearest Jarkko and Dearest Marie ~

With the content of my first posting lost, I'll start again. It will be shorter, though, as it always is when this kind of thing happens.

You joined forces some time ago and made what couldn't possibly be any better be even better. In addition to Jarkko's own... your voice of reason, Marie, and the spokeswoman at Jarkko's request, given his own generousity, as well as on your own... as you maintained your own exquisite site, as well. Jarkko... you continued to post, to share, to clarify, to encourage patience to us all. To be there for us in so many amazingly innumerable ways of caring. To us individually and to us as a whole. Class always prevailed on your site... and you made sure it was so... a brilliant reflection of Leonard himself.

If it weren't for you when you created this site, Jarkko, so much awareness of Leonard would possibly still remain in unknown crevasses of time. You were his spotlight when he most needed one... and it worked toward all that he came to be for all of us. You gave the world the many details we would never have known... because Leonard trusted you so deeply, he shared with you, and you shared with us. Marie... you continued to fill in the richness of Leonard's tapestry with photos and stories and essays on Leonard, with some he shared exclusively with you for presentation on your site. The same with Jarkko. Leonard was so deeply grateful to you both and his fairness knew no bounds.

I wanted to publicly thank both of you for once again being there for us in the midst of your own grief. You continue to post a thread for us to send our condolences to Adam and Leonard's other family members. And to post links appropriate to this, our devastating loss.

We know that professionals carry on as professionals do, yet you are both having to deal with your own immense loss and grief. Your relationships with Leonard were by far closer than ours... and your Inboxes are now heart-sickeningly empty of his name. Your conversations and sharing are no more. The feedback, encouragement, thanks, and gratitude you received from Leonard is now gone. An immeasurable empty space is now filled with nothing.

Thank G~d you have all that he gave you, whilst he was able, to fill your hearts.
My heart is immeasurably with both of you, and with Eija and Rauli, as well... all of your lives have been for so many years devoted to Leonard and to us. We will remain to be here as new people discover Leonard. I hope you will be able to keep your quintessential site open for those people still to come. There will be many.

So much to say to both of you. And I have not said it all.

Much love, from the past, now, into the future, and always,
thank you from deep in my heart,
you have been the truest of friends to Leonard,
"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
~ Oscar Wilde

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