Once and Again (TV series)

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Once and Again (TV series)

Postby jarkko » Sat Jun 29, 2002 9:44 am

Yesterday I watched the TV series “Once and Again” (Finnish TV shows 2001 episodes now) and was surprised to hear “Sisters of Mercy” – the (original) song is heard playing throughout a long closing scene
of the episode ("Visit of a fragile man") - Aron, Lily's brother, leaves her house to return to the hospital.

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Postby lizzytysh » Sat Jun 29, 2002 4:12 pm

That sounds like a very poignant scene, Jarkko, underscored by Leonard's song......the reliability of his sister's emotional support and the perhaps inevitability of his own situation. I wish I could see it for myself.


the price of humility

Postby George.Wright » Sun Jun 30, 2002 4:11 am

the sisters embody all that is pure
and sacrisant of the soul
that purest light that shines through the shadow and the fog
and we reach inside to make us brave and unafraid
untill the debt's paid

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