Looking for Leonard

News about Leonard Cohen and his work, press, radio & TV programs etc.
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Looking for Leonard

Postby jarkko » Thu Aug 22, 2002 11:44 pm

This information comes from Lawrence, our friend in Montreal!

http://www.ffm-montreal.org/cgi-bin/ffm ... 365&lng=EN

Canadian movie (2001):

Jo robs corner stores and dry cleaners with her boyfriend Ted and his brother Johnny. When they are not pursuing their comic book criminal life, Ted and Johnny watch TV while Jo spends time alone in her room reading old Leonard Cohen paperbacks or sneaking out to night school classes with her only friend Monica. Enter Luka, a Czech computer programmer, who arrives in town with a lousy old love life behind him and what he hopes is a wonderful new world in front. Unfortunately, his hopes don't last. With his employer out of business and his apartment a dump, Luka finds himself wandering a strange new city with no friends and nothing to do. Meanwhile, things have been getting worse for Jo. Ted and Johnny have become ambitious. No longer content with sticking up five and dimes, they have turned their minds to banks and other places where real criminals go to work. Ted informs Jo that he and his brother are taking a trip to another town for "criminal research". With the brothers gone, Jo and Luka meet in a drugstore. Somewhere between the shampoo and the deodorants, they begin to fall into something. Unfortunately, back at Jo's apartment, their first kiss is interrupted by Johnny returning home early. A fight ensues and Jo quickly discovers how messy love can get sometimes...

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