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Re: Alberto Manzano - Leonard Cohen's words, poems and memor

Postby mickjaggerscat » Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:12 pm

ForYourSmile wrote:I think more than a formal interview, this was a few days living together.

You can find more photos by Manzano in Hydra, Christmas 1980, in the DVD/CD covers “Acordes con Leonard Cohen” and more than are emerging in new books. See the cover of book “Leonard Cohen Lorca, flamenco y el judío errante”.
Leonard with his daughter Lorca by Alberto Manzano. Who knows how many photos remain unpublished.

These photographs evoke Hydra, the interiors of the house and especially an atmosphere with a special situation. Leonard, a very responsible father, as he has been demonstrated, fought for their children at a difficult time (see the photo). "The singer practiced fasting, had lost weight and looked much exhausted" (AM).
Yes, very interesting. As you say, in other biographies appear in NYC (in the famous Algonquin Hotel) with his children, a place far and somewhat different of Hydra. The stay of Leonard, Adam and Lorca in Hydra is true, well documented and relevant in the Leonard’s biography, but ignored by other biographers. Maybe NYC was before than Hydra, the tour ended in late November.

Again; Alberto Manzano has much to contribute to the Leonard Cohen international community of fans and studious.

Thank you, ForYourSmile
I agree Alberto Manzano is an excellent writer and has much to contribute. I also think the two English biographies need to correct their information, using Manzano's photos and records as a reference. I can't imagine a journalist / translator staying at Leonard's house on Hydra over Christmas and New Years without keeping a notebook or diary. He must have also brought a tape recorder along, even if there was no formal interview.

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