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News about Leonard Cohen and his work, press, radio & TV programs etc.
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Postby jarkko » Fri Aug 16, 2002 10:52 pm

If you ask me I would prefer to have everybody registered just once!
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Postby eeey » Fri Aug 16, 2002 10:53 pm


Here we go again.

I DID NOT say that wit relied upon a hidden identity. I SAID that some things were more amusing when using a pseudonym. That a pseudonym "lends a small measure of wit to the post." The key word here, Lizzytysh, is "lends".

To post as you suggest by using some sort of tag line....This is eeey posting as Chuckles the Clown...Well, what could be more absurd?


P.S. Oh, yes, over on the poetry section...
You did respond!!!!
You still don't get it!!!!
And I am laughing myself sick!!!
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Postby lizzytysh » Sat Aug 17, 2002 12:27 am


The "wit" had to do with who was Posting it, not the "wit" itself, nor its degree.

For example, why do you have to wait until you can be anonymous ["rely on hidden identities"~my words] to say something witty?

Jarkko's words, "Why should they stay anonymous" [read that "why should they rely on anonymity/hidden identities"] to give witty comments [read that "Since when does wit have to rely on" or can't they give their witty comments with their own identity? In other words, you can be just as witty being yourself, I would hope.

However, from the perspective you're approaching this, the difference in the degree of "wit" would be so negligible [i.e. "lends to"], that it shouldn't make any appreciable difference to you or your posting, whether you post anonymously or as yourself. [Second Edit]: If I had intended it that way, I would've said something like, "Since when does wit have to rely on contradictory/ironic pseudonyms and emoticons or other props?" Note that the word I actually used was hidden identities. [End of Second Edit]

Note that I tagged onto Jarkko's comment to begin with "...[your] response was mine as well"] and, for starters, that should have given you the context for interpretation of my meaning.

Of course, you wouldn't have an explanation, just a signature and crying face. My suggestion remains just that. If you're not interested, ignore it.

If your past two postings here regarding the poetry section are any indication, it sounds like your comments are more likely to be those mean-spirited ones, at other peoples' expense, as opposed to clever. Pitiful preoccupation.

All good things,

I won't be continuing this discussion with you here, as this is the News section ~ and yours has grown old.
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Throwaway comment
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Postby Throwaway comment » Sat Aug 17, 2002 12:33 am

I agree to post under a pseudonym is wrong :oops:
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Postby PetiteTortue » Sat Aug 17, 2002 1:06 am

Thank you for your reply. But I want to make certain I understand correctly. You don't mind if I register as a "new" member? Repeatedly? Because I will not be able to resist doing so.

Although a caveat to others on the forum --- that does not mean every anonymous posting will be mine. Only the clever ones.

Not clever enough to think about register under another pseudo by itself (eeey, what it is, btw). Witty enough, it should ask for permission to do it. Thanks G_d, there is many other people here that I read with interest AND that it can try to make fun of. Chock the clown (or 'whatever' the clown) is really sad and by itself, would not be at all, like all other blood suckers who think they are smart because they are rude. You only fool yourselves.


P.S. : ShyOne, don't worry I'll never do this to you
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Postby BlueNote » Sat Aug 17, 2002 1:28 am

PetiteTortue :

You are very funny :lol: Serious comments are so dull :P Please post more often!!

Pffffiouuuuu.....!!! :?

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Postby eeey » Sat Aug 17, 2002 5:42 am

Dear Jarkko,

Thank you for the kind e-mail. I hope you have a nice weekend as well.

Mr. Ed
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To Pseudonym or not to Pseudonym

Postby Mr. Ed » Tue Aug 20, 2002 10:09 am

Let me see if I can clear up this controversy.

Say you're walking down the street. You've rushed out to buy some hotdog buns for the cookout you have planned for that afternoon and now you're heading home. When suddenly on the horizon you see a vaguely familiar figure sauntering elegantly towards you. Can it Be? No! Impossible! But it is! IT IS HE! In the flesh! You can't believe your eyes. You dexterously manage to position yourself directly into his on-coming path. Your heart is beating like a jackhammer. You "accidently" drop your hotdog buns. He stops. You stammer out an apology. He graciously gathers up the buns. Meanwhile, you whip out your 8-track tape of Songs of Love and Hate that you always carry with you.

"Please, Mr. Cohen," you ask, like so many before, "May I have your autograph?" He graciously takes the 8-track from your sweating hands into his own perfectly manicured ones.

"To whom," he intones majestically, "To whom, shall I inscribe these blackenings?" You are overcome with admiration and instantly determine to work the word blackenings into your next available conversation.

"It's Ed," you say without thinking, "You can make it out to Mr. Ed."

His pen pauses in mid-air above the 8-track. A frown darkens those hazel eyes. The curving mouth hardens and compresses into a thin line like a knife blade. His manner grows cold and distant. Too late you discover your mistake. With dawning horror you realize he knows who you are. He knows!. With a flash of rare insight you realize that he is addicted to the LC Files Forum. He spends hours upon hours reading the posts when he should be practicing his guitar. Feverishly you try to think of some excuse, some reason to explain why you wrote those posts. But it is no use. He is walking away. The Songs of Love and Hate are in your hands unblackened.

Blinded by tears, you step into the street and are almost run over by a bus. He does not even look back. He keeps on going and his moving finger having never writ moves on.

Disconsolate you rush home. You're late for your own party. Everything goes wrong. You burn the hotdogs to a crisp. But your guests are hungry and there is nothing else to feed them. So you stack the charred remains onto a plate and offer them to your friends.

"To whom," you ask in a quavering voice, "to whom shall I serve these blackenings?"

Aghast at both the hotdogs and the word used to describe them, your guests sense an impending psychic meltdown, and beat a hasty retreat. You climb the stairs to your lonely room clutching the pristine and unadorned Songs of Love and Hate. In a fit of anguish, you decide to do a little blackening of your own. You cross out the word "Love" in the title. Wait, that doesn't look think a moment and then cross out the word "and". There, that's better.

No it isn't. Everything is dust and ashes. You begin to weep. Your computer sits forlornly in the corner. But you can never enter the Forum again. You sit in the dark waiting for morning. It never comes.

And that's why you need pseudonyms.

Mr. Ed
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Postby Paula » Tue Aug 20, 2002 3:39 pm

Have a carrot Mr Ed

I am so in agreement with you. Without a nom de plume the joke is lost. Sorry for all you french speakers if I have spelt that wrong.
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Postby Linda » Tue Aug 20, 2002 5:07 pm

Thanks for clearing up the controversy for us in such a delightful and humorous way Mr Ed. Can not help but agree.
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Postby Junebug » Wed Aug 21, 2002 3:02 am

What an imagination you have Mr. Ed!!! I think I see your point too.

Andrew McGeever
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Postby Andrew McGeever » Wed Aug 21, 2002 3:28 am

I see your point too, but don't agree with it. I strongly feel that pseudonyms are a cover for those who have something to hide: their own feelings of inadequacy, their hidden agenda, the perceived power from anonymity?
Call me old-fashioned, but I don't like message boards which encourage secrecy. I'm for honesty, especially in human relationships, and in writing too.
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Postby BlueNote » Wed Aug 21, 2002 5:46 am

Reading Mr. Ed, I was thinking "But! Leonard Cohen is genuinely kind, he would have signed, even for Mr. Ed" :lol:

And reading Andrew McGeever I thought "But secrecy is the very nature of people sometimes, it does not mean they have something to hide." 8)

And bit by bit, I have tought "Leonard Cohen never used a pseudonym, like - for example - Robert Zimmerman did" :roll:

Well, that's it! Strange, because, it is not the first time it cames to my mind but I would not have talk about it here if it was not of this discussion.

The name fits the man so well : Leonard Cohen. (wow!)

I understand why he did not need to find another one.

Best Regards,

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Postby Kush » Wed Aug 21, 2002 6:56 am

Mr. Ed,
Regardless of my opinion on the matter at hand (actually I don't even have one), I think we should have a separate section for your imaginative ramblings. You are yet to disappoint me which is more than can be said about these songwriters and poets that we talk & write about.

All ridiculous things, :mrgreen:
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Postby lizzytysh » Wed Aug 21, 2002 3:40 pm

I don't feel the joke needs to be lost at all, if the writing is done well enough. Mr. Ed has just written a humourous piece, and it didn't have a thing to do with horses....nor have his other, lengthier, humourous entries. :lol:

I agree with Blue Note that Leonard's autograph is not on the line without pseudonyms. He's far too gracious for that. 8)

I agree with Andrew that if the content of the writing is appropriate, there's no need for pseudonyms. Take the challenge and be who you are. :idea:

All good things,

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