Another day in Copenhagen.

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Another day in Copenhagen.

Postby jhartz_dk » Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:11 pm

This is a <sigh>

Leonard Cohen did a magnificient concert in Denmark twice - open air. (My firstbord, son, was hospitalized, or I (we) would have been present :-) (son is fine now, thx))
And promises to return in october. But, alas, the concert was sold out in 45 minutes...

And, here is the big <sigh> I (and my wife) didn't manage to buy tickets.

Please - do another concert in Copenhagen - there should be no trouble in getting all the seats sold, in about an hour or so :-) :D

That said - I'm both glad and sad to have Leonard Cohen on (yet) another tour. Sad - well you know why - Glad, because I've never had the pleasure of a live concert with Leonard Cohen, and somehow, this distinguished canadian has had a place in my heart and my cd-collection for almost 20 years :-) :D
I'm still impressed by the way he manages to present his lyic vocally.

Shouldn't there be another concert in Copenhagen, I'll manage to live with it, but, and I'm sure, my life would be without a great experience.

Anyway: best of luck to you, and thx for all that you have already given to me (and my wife).


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