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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby roubiliac » Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:23 pm

sadly I thought Edinburgh was a great let down compared to Manchester. I was in the stand facing the stage and was appalled at the number of people constantly moving around throughout the gig. There was a constant buzz from people talking and the sound quality whilst good for outdoors could not compare to Manchester. It was freezing and the set was shorter than in previous concerts. Maybe due to the stream of people leaving throughout the encores. Outdoor venues do not suit Leonard's style and if I hadn't seen him in Manchester Iwould have been bitterly disappointed.
the end
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby the end » Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:33 pm

I really enjoyed last nights gig, one of the best I've been to. LC was very much on form imo, my only gripe was the constant intros to his band.
First time I'd been to the castle for a gig and I was surprised how intimate it was, I was expecting something of stadium proportions. We were sitting at the front of the block directly oposite the stage and had a fantastic view. The organisation by the venue left a lot to be desired though, we should have been alowed in a lot earlier and the lack of toilets was beyond a joke. Luckily we knew about the nearby public toilets so avoided the mamoth portaloo queues during the intermission most others weren't so lucky though.
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby Mercurius » Thu Jul 17, 2008 11:06 pm

Great that is was so good. I was at the Amsterdam gig and can only say that it was the best concert of my life (and I'm no spring chicken!).
very very moving and leonard being very humble (is that from many years of Buddhist practice?) and everyone - him, band and audience all really enjoying themselves.
And yes - see you at the Big Chill - though I just can't see how it could be better!
best wishes
Christopher B
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby Christopher B » Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:05 am

Another stunning performance by Leonard and the band. After the comparative intimacy of Manchester I was afraid that the sound would be compromised but quite the contrary. As other have commented his voice seems to be getting stronger and the some of the arrangements came into their own in a larger venue. The setting was visually breathtaking first bathed in evening sunlight and then after dusk with the blazing torches on the castle ramparts. Leonard's presence was again electric and as I remarked after Manchester he is clearly enjoying his performance and our reaction. He spoke very movingly in thanking us for our support over the years. I hope he now knows what he means to many of us. It was delightful to see him skip off stage several times like a very happy child. His music spoke for itself as it always does and his voice reaches the soul like no other. This is Leonard's renaissance. (Not that one was required).

In "Poems 1956-1968" he wrote:
"There are some men
who should have mountains
to bear their names to time".
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby theblokewiththebeard » Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:15 am

Never seen Leonard Cohen live before this year. However I saw him at Glastonbury and on Wednesday in Edinburgh. I was spellbound at both venues.

An excellent performance by far outweighed gripes about the quality of the set at the castle. It should have been a superb venue but suffered from just OK sound quality, an average stage, organisers’ inability to let people in on time and an ignorant woman beside me who carried out a phone conversation in the middle of a song.

Some clips have been posted on youtube and (with one exception) have very poor sound quality. Pity because Leonard’s voice was outstanding for a man in his prime never mind his seventies and The definition of splendid musicians and backing singers deserved better.

Maybe I’m an ageing grump but I am comparing being at the front of the stage at Glastonbury to facing the stage from far back in Edinburgh.

Leonard often crouched down. He obviously put in a lot of effort and demonstrated passion in many songs – Hallelujah being an example.

Two and a half hours of tremendous entertainment. I will be logging on to Ticketmaster on Friday for The Clyde Auditorium on Wednesday 5th November.

Auld Reekie
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby Auld Reekie » Fri Jul 18, 2008 9:59 am

Never having seen LC live before, I confess I was rather anxious when I joined the massive queue to get in on Wednesday. Would the performance live up to expectations? Would his voice be good enough?? I needn't have worried. This was one of the finest concerts I have ever attended.
His singing was simply awesome- much, much better than I could have hoped for. Some of my highlights; Bird on the Wire, a song I have never thought of as one of my favourites, covered by many other artists, was given the finest performance I have heard by anyone, justifiably receiving a standing ovation; Anthem, another song I have overlooked, awesome; little touches such as the "great secret" revealed during Tower of Song; Hallelujah, reclaimed from the young pretenders; A Thousand Kisses Deep- so much more moving than the version on Ten New Songs; Take This Waltz (YES!) with beautiful Webb harmonies that Jennifer Warnes would have been proud of; If It Be Your Will, a wonderful performance by the Webb sisters; all of the encores, with the whole audience on its feet during Closing Time.... I could go on and on. Suffice to say that, some 36 hours later, I am still in a daze.
Nothing could have spoiled this magical evening, not the poor organisation at the venue, not the hideously uncomfortable seating, not the rain at the end- Leonard very graciously thanked us for sitting in the rain! If he had wanted to play another hour in the rain, we would have stayed.
Someone calling themselves "dissapointed" (sic) thought much of this show was cheese- beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. There was nothing cheesy about the show I saw. Thank you to Leonard and the band.
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby tommylen » Fri Jul 18, 2008 12:38 pm

Stop it Auld Reekie .I was told that I was singing LC in my sleep last night.
Got up today and saw that there was a LC concert scheduled for The Armadilo Glasgow.

Got on the phone 9.00am and hey presto another chance to see Leonard in November.

What can I say?
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby dancewithme2 » Fri Jul 18, 2008 9:28 pm

I have been a fan of LC since I was very young and never in my darkest deepest depths did I forsee a performance at the castle by him.

I was humbled by his humility, his grace and his humour. I cried during "Dance to me the end of love", "A thousand kisses deep" and shed a tear at his "This really is farewell". I have never experienced such an emotive and humbling performance as this and Leonard if you ever read this, thankyou for the most wonderful performance I have ever experienced. You inspire me with your humility, wisdom and wit, you truly are a great man of our time. I am honoured that you came here to Edinburgh and performed for all of us to enjoy. Do not catch a summer cold my friend and the drive home was safe, thankyou I've been dancing all the way home!
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby Nees » Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:21 pm

As one of the younger people there (by choice and not dragged by their parents!) I have to say how lovely the people sat around us were - lending me bincolars and a hood for when it started raining and passing round sweets! Awww!

The venue was horrible but Leonard conquered all.

I was very disappointed when the last two songs were omitted as I had assumed they were givens due to previous setlists so left the gig feeling quite disappointed. And sadly as I spent over £300 getting to the gig I can't afford to go and see him in Birmingham which is only 30 minutes from my house instead of HOURS! If only I had known in advance...
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby margaret » Fri Jul 18, 2008 11:56 pm

Nees wrote:
The venue was horrible but Leonard conquered all.

I was very disappointed when the last two songs were omitted as I had assumed they were givens due to previous setlists so left the gig feeling quite disappointed. And sadly as I spent over £300 getting to the gig I can't afford to go and see him in Birmingham which is only 30 minutes from my house instead of HOURS! If only I had known in advance...
The venue was indeed poor :( Very small hard seats packed tightly together on steep ramps. My knees were jammed against the seat in front and I'm only small! Had to twist my neck sideways all night to try to see the stage and there was no chance to see any faces and no big screens :(
No complaints about the performance, but it was a shame so many people began leaving early thinking it was all over, when it may well have continued with the usual extra encores. Then again, maybe Leonard and the band were also getting cold and wet :roll:

I know that outside there was a crowd who didn't have tickets and couldn't afford the prices asked by the touts. They listened outside and when Take this Waltz was sung many danced in the street, even grabbing the security staff to dance with. 8)
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby pat&linda » Sat Jul 19, 2008 2:22 am

We were at the concert in Edinbugh on Wednesday night. We travelled over from Dublin as we were out of Ireland when he was here in June. It was an amazing concert from beginning to end, from the moment he stepped on stage to his skipping merrily off after 'Closing Time'. Leonard, you are a legend and the band are fantastic with excellent musicianship and vocals. We have been fans for over twenty years and couldn't believe that we were getting to see the man live in concert and in such sparkling form.

Best wishes and looking forward to seeing you in Dublin on December 1st
Pat & Linda :D
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby dylans8 » Sat Jul 19, 2008 4:09 pm

Myself my brother and my nephew attended the show at the castle. We had the thrill of watching Leonard soundcheck from the barrier. After all these Years longing to see Leonard perform it was awesome just watching him trying out Tower of Song alone on stage.His voice was just amazing and you did get a sense of just how precise his preperation is.

The show itself - Absolutely wonderful to hear all those songs live and that voice wow!!
It was very clear that Leonard appreciates his audience very much. It was great to see him playing guitar he plays terrific. The band simply sublime . Sisters of Mercy and Thats No Way To Say Goodbye worth to cost of attending alone.

It was a terrific backdrop with the flaming torches roaring on top of the castle behind the stage. It was also extremely cold and I think Leonard was thinking more about his audience than himself when he finished after Closing Time . It was raining by then too.

Ive been a great Dylan fan over the years Ive seen him quite alot. But Leonards performance was for me the most enjoyable concert of them all. Dylan could learn a little from him. These days dylan doesnt ever speak to the audience except to introduce his band. he performs with his back to half the audience and gives an impression of not caring a dot about his audience.

Well done Leonard and band
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby summerbeach » Sat Jul 19, 2008 10:23 pm

.......and I wondered what I was doing sitting on a train early wednesday morning travelling up to Scotland and going to see Leonard Cohen in Edinburgh Castle and then standing in the queue and it was cold and the city seemed full of tourists and the stage seemed a long way away and then he walked on stage and....awesome, almost impossible to describe the quality of emotions, music and communication he and his musicians created. Not to mention the atmosphere of an audience who obviously loved him and his music.
Compassion, humility, truth, anger and beauty.
His band was a delight, a musical feast of talents, connections and soul.
I last saw him live around 40 years ago and waiting all this time was certainly worth it.
Possibly the best live concert I've ever been at and there have been a few.
Actually I thought the venue was perfect - should have worn warmer clothes and forgot you can't put umbrellas up when you're sitting in front of other people but.....
Thank you Leonard. I hope it's not another 40 years before I get to see you live again because you really are one of the great poets and songwriters of this and the last century.
Nobody does it quite like you and the experience will stay with me for a very long time.
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby hmckerral » Sun Jul 20, 2008 3:08 pm

I don't normally do this, but last Wednesday was one of the greatest experiences of my life.
Fantastic setting (despite the uncomfortable seats and the idiots who just had to go to the toilet or get a coffee every few minutes), I thought the sound system was great I have to say, you could almost hear Leonard breathing, EVERY song was a favourite (even if it hadn't been before!), Leonard was in SUCH great voice, can't believe the depth and smoothness at his age (especially after some of his 'raspy' periods).
COULDN'T BELIEVE IT when I read an online review yesterday and discovered more dates had been added!!! Was in Glasgow at the time, so hot footed it down to the Armadillo (local name for the venue) and GOT 2 STALLS TICKETS for 6 November!!! Quite a few rows further forward than Wednesday, so should get better view.
It must be around 35 years since I saw Leonard live, and now it could be TWICE in a year!
As he said on Wednesday, we should all be so grateful for what we have compared to countless others...
I'm grateful!!
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Re: Edinburgh July 16th

Postby Gregor » Sun Jul 20, 2008 5:41 pm

having seen Leonard in Dublin and then went to Edinburgh for the week and got the tickets for the castle we really enjoyed ourselves .As in Dublin Leonard was his very best and added to and took away from his set, all his songs poems and lyrics are so so spiritual he is the guru of words. It has been said that he is "Dr.Depression" to this I say he will only depress the depressed, he wit his charisma and his zest for life are all that we stand for .
I can not say a bad word about the show ,however the facilities,w/c and refreshment etc. could have been a bit more oganised . The castle is a beautiful setting and the acoustics very actually better than Dublin, but his voice is as strong as it was in 1993 .The smoking damage is done but has leonard still goes on .
Now reading the news and his forth comming return to Ireland I get to see the Man three times in one year ----perhaps I will get to meet him in person ----Then I can die -- having done four good things before I die
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