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Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 1:03 am
by anneporter
Did the pictures display properly? The files are too big, I think. I am new to this.

I should have gone up on the hill to get some iceberg shots but I got kind of turned around when I saw Cohen get off the bus.

One more sleep!

St. John's May 27

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 1:19 am
by whobyfire?
anneporter wrote:And to the community of his fans, especially those I met at the early morning ticket line-up in March ( best known as fans # 8,9, 11 and 12): JOY!
Hello there, Anne,

You would know me as #8 from the line-up at Mile One. I'm the chap who was wearing a hood and a back mask most of the night in line, and who was annoyed because the ticket office imposed a 4 ticket limit, which meant I couldn't get enough tickets for everyone I was supposed to get tickets for. Nice to see your post on here, I registered for the sole purpose of replying. Just so you know, two of the people I was supposed to get tickets for decided not to go after, and so, between myself and a friend who was working the Internet, we managed to get enough for everyone. My cousin went to the Sunday night show, and he gave me a rave review, so I fully expect that our effort of lining up in the cold will be rewarded Tuesday night. As it happens, I actually enjoy lining up for stuff like this, because I like being around people who are so psyched up about something, even if it means spending hours in the cold. And as far as I'm concerned, if you don't suffer for your fun, then you're not a real fan. :) Naw, naw, that's not fair, because that would mean that the people I bought tickets for aren't real fans, when clearly they are. I guess that people like us just have a bit of a screw loose ... or maybe we're like the British, and we simply like to queue. Who knows? Alas, enjoy the show, perhaps I'll see you there.

Dan (#8)

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 2:39 am
by anneporter
Great to hear from you! I remember you well. In fact, I'm working on a painting about that marvellous grey night in the lineup. It was a fabulous experience. I would have gone away happy even if I hadn't gotten my 4 tickets . In fact, I am working on a painting of that lineup, for my pet project, a Cohen lyric Tarot deck. You and Karen (#9) are the central figures --actually, composite figures based on you and Karen but representing all of us, and also representing the song Suzanne and the card 6 of cups.

Was that a navy blue jacket you were wearing? You looked so cold.
If I see you tomorrow, I might take your picture, if you don't mind (Karen/#9 too, if you are reading this).

A demain!

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 2:59 am
by loulou
'one more sleep' :D

that is so sweet, like a child waiting for Santa Claus :lol: (which is of course very apt ;-) )

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 5:07 am
by panicjanet
Since my feet are still cold from waiting in line that morning, I can hardly believe that the time has almost come to turn in those tickets :)

I don't know how I am going to sleep tonight. And imagine, tomorrow night it will all be a memory.

Take care all - I hope you enjoy(ed) the show!

~ #11

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 5:13 am
by mirka
anneporter wrote:Mirka,
Did the pictures display properly? The files are too big, I think. I am new to this.
Anne, pictures turned out perfectly, some are bigger then others but the computer takes care of scaling, I could see small details like lighthouse on #1002276sq3, behind/below the arch of the gate.
eheath wrote: I saw Dylan on Fri night, and think with a lot more hard work, he could possibly become the American Cohen , perhaps when he matures a little and reaches Cohen's age. :lol:
.... and if he ever gets in touch with himself and the audience enough to convey any real emotions.

So far it makes little sense seeing him in concert -- it's same feeling as listening to a CD at home (well, at home it feels more comfortable :D ).
It may be different for people who grew up with Dylan, but then in fact they reconnect with their own past, not with him now and there. For somebody like me, coming from a different culture (I grew up in Poland) Dylan in concert makes little sense, while Leonard Cohen's art is very powerfull and timeless, regardless of one's cultural background.

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 12:15 pm
by whobyfire?
anneporter wrote:I'm working on a painting about that marvellous grey night in the lineup.
Hi Anne,

That's very interesting about the painting. I'm a painter too, actually, so I wouldn't mind hearing more about your project. As it happens, I was wearing a black nylon jacket down in the line-up ... and yeah, i was pretty cold. You're welcome to take a picture on Tuesday if you wish .. I'll be 9 rows back or something, over to the far left of the stage somewhere. Just so you recognize me, I'll be wearing my hood up and my black mask over my face for the duration of the concert. See if you can spot me.


PS Just kidding about the attire, but I will be over on that side of the theater.

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 1:08 pm
by anneporter
Thanks, Dan. See you tonight!
Are you interested in contributing cards to the deck? There are 78, so it is going to take awhile. There are others (friends and family) working on it with me.

So excited!!!

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 2:08 pm
by Bailey2176
Well that was amazing!
Went to the concert last night (Monday) and was blown away. He is so humble. And the show was great! Sound, lighting, talented musicians, lovely voices, Leonard, and the song, the songs...

I'm ruined for concerts from now on. Everything I go see in the future will be compared to this concert and found wanting. I'm going again tonight.

The night in the line -up was worth it. Actually it was fun and I believe it added to the enjoyment of the concert. No pain no gain, you appreciate the things that you work for. I would do it again.

Saw Dylan, had to he is an icon. Saw Cohan, just had to, not going would have been like winning the lottery and losing the ticket, I'd be mad at myself forever.

I have to say thank you to Vicki Hynes and the gang at the Feast of Cohen, true disciples opening the ears of St. John's to the music of Cohen.

Can't wait for tonight.

# 2 in the line up

Link to local newspaper review

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 2:27 pm
by Plannerman

A review of the concert in the local daily "The Telegram".

I'm next to useless at work today - I get to see the show tonight!!

He's your man
Charming Cohen sweeps audience off its feet, time and time again

Special to The Telegram

The future of the Holy Heart Auditorium may be in doubt, but its legacy is even greater this week as Canadian poet and musical icon Leonard Cohen graces its stage just two weeks after ending a 15-year performance hiatus.

The 73-year-old will embark on a summer tour of primarily European dates but is warming up on Canadian soil in preparation, including the three-day stop in St. John's.

At the first concert Sunday evening, Cohen and his nine-piece band took to the stage dressed nattily in black and white attire and were greeted with thunderous applause.

He promptly removed his hat and bowed to the audience, which, by the end of the night, would repeat their standing ovation a good number of times.

"Some excellent musicians have gathered around these songs and we're going to present them to you," Cohen said, addressing the still-cheering crowd. "We just hope you're not disappointed."

As the band started into "Dance Me To The End Of Love" from 1984's "Various Positions," the woman seated next to me gasped in excitement.

The red and blue floodlights created an intimate ambiance and Cohen, singing passionately, with both hands on the mike, swanked a deep and slightly withered voice, but with the distinct intonation he always offered in his songs.

"The Future" was performed with poetic passion, but Cohen repeatedly relied on lighthearted comedy to moderate the mood, which at times was seductive and dark, especially during poetry interludes and song introductions when he would recite selected lyrics.

"It's been a long time since I've stood on a stage anywhere," he said after the first few songs, hiding from the bright light in the shade under the brim of his hat. "I was 60, just a kid with a crazy dream. Since then I've taken a lot of Prozac," he added, naming about a dozen different forms of the antidepressant as the audience took to his comedic disposition while he segued into "Ain't No Cure For Love."

The band's three backup vocalists, Sharon Robinson and sisters Charley and Hattie Webb, earned significant recognition for their refined harmonies which gave to the songs an at-times familiar, and other times unfamiliar, distinctive backdrop.

The first set spanned all eras of Cohen's career, but with "Bird On The Wire" being the only song from the '60s, leaned more toward material from the '70s and '80s.

"Everybody Knows" from the 1988 album "I'm Your Man" was poignant as Cohen sang with deep, dark conviction, his eyes emerging from the shadow of his hat and peering towards the balcony.

The second set opened with Cohen standing at a keyboard, centrestage.

"I don't want you to get alarmed, but I'm going to start this thing up here," he said pressing a key that initiated a beat. "It's not as easy as it looks. Actually, it is," he joked.

It was "The Tower of Song" from 1988's "I'm Your Man" and was warmly greeted by the audience.

"Suzanne" followed, with Cohen on guitar - possibly the most anticipated number of the evening. The audience went silent when he played the opening notes.

The song, perhaps Cohen's most well-known, was sombre in tone, and judging by the many tear-filled eyes around me, it was an emotional experience for some.

"I'm Your Man," "Hallelujah," and "Take This Waltz" were second-set highlights. The former saw Cohen at his most seductive, combining sexual references with a yearning for love.

As he left the stage, his band finished the last song and followed suit, but the encore break lasted mere seconds.

A countrified rendition of "Heart With No Companion" featured a resounding steel guitar performance by band member Bob Metzger.

A masterfully reworked version of "So Long, Marianne" followed, as did "First We Take Manhattan," two of Cohen's biggest musical achievements.

When he came back for the second encore, he paid homage to the venue.

"There's rumours that this theatre has a limited time," he said, speaking of ghosts and music and memories before starting into "That Don't Make It Junk" from the 2001 album "Ten New Songs."

"If It Be Your Will" featured sound vocal and musical performances by the Webb sisters, who played guitar and string harp for the song.

An upbeat "Closing Time" indicated the show was coming to an end, more than three hours after it began.

But the resilience of the Holy Heart audience brought Cohen back for one more song.

"I tried to leave you, I don't deny," he sang, introducing the 1974 song "I Tried To Leave You" to a laughing audience.

During the song he introduced the band members as they took turns executing solos.

Javier Mas' rich performance on a number of string instruments, including the bandurria and archilaud, was an integral part of the band's collective ambient sound, as was Dino Soldo's, which was distinguished by his sax solos.

The concert in its entirety was flawless and the vocal performances of Robinson and the Webb sisters and those of each of the musicians, coupled with Cohen's enthusiastic integrity, made for an evening those in attendance likely won't forget.

Having attended hundreds of concerts in this era of over-inflated ticket prices and having experienced some of the world's greatest living musicians, for the first time ever, the $75-$100 cost of admission was warranted.

Cohen and his band conclude their St. John's visit tonight at Holy Heart Auditorium in St. John's.

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 2:56 pm
by Claw at your heart
Thanks for posting this great review. St. John's is indeed fortunate to have "If It Be Your Will" added to the setlist. Have fun tonight!

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 3:54 pm
by buchaneer
What would I have changed to make this experience (Monday's Concert) PERFECT? Nothing!!!!!!!! I have been to the top of the mountain.

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Tue May 27, 2008 4:01 pm
by pablois40
My friend had originally purchased a ticket for the Wednesday night show, formerly the last show which became the first show on Sunday. His first comments to me were that he would now have to get rid of all his LC albums! I immediately asked “Why?”. He told me that the Sunday show was flawless and he would not want to ruin its memory by playing any of them. :lol: Now after seeing the local review of last night’s show, I can’t wait for tonight. And I’m sure “tonight will be fine”!

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 5:40 am
by Cohen's_Angel
Great thread here!!

We went to the Sunday, May 25th, 2008 concert. It was fantastic!! It couldn't have been better in any way, shape or form!

I seen someone mention the set list in an earlier message, well, we kept track. :D

The Telegram article doesn't list all the songs and you have to read through everything to find, anyway, here was the set list:

Leonard Cohen Set List

for Sunday, May 25, 2008.

Dance Me To The End Of Love
The Future
Ain't No Cure For Love
Bird On A Wire
Everybody Knows
In My Secret Life
Who By Fire


Tower Of Song
The Gypsy's Wife
Boogie Street


I'm Your Man
A Thousand Kisses Deep (Spoken)
Take This Waltz
Heart With No Companion
So Long, Marianne
First We Take Manhattan


That Don't Make It Junk
If It Be Your Will (Spoken by Cohen, Sung by the Webb sisters)
Closing Time

I Tried To Leave You

What a great show it was!!! I was absolutely thrilled that "If It Be Your Will" was played. Was quite a pleasant surprise!

The song selection was awesome...I wish the concert lasted another 3 hours. :cry:

Here are a few songs that I would have LIKED to hear, but really REALLY didn't expect to: (and in no way was NOT hearing these songs a disappointment, I might add) :)
Famous Blue Raincoat
Lover Lover Lover
Love Itself

Would love to hear feedback on the other 2 shows, on Monday and Tuesday nights.

A big special THANK YOU to Leonard Cohen for providing us with one of the best experiences of our lives! :D

Re: Three concerts in St. John's (May 25 to 27)

Posted: Wed May 28, 2008 5:47 am
by Kacey
Hi From Number nine......

I just got home from the concert and my head is still spinning and I am still in the clouds..... I was sitting front row centre and you can not imagine the thrill of being there....... I doubt that I will ever see anything that I loved so much..... everything was perfect.... and when Leonard opened his mouth and that voice came spilling out... well, I was transported....... I don't think that I can find words to describe the experience..... wish that I could..... ah, it would take a Leonard to do that.......

I came home wishing that I had a Leonard of my own to take home with me..... I am sure that every woman in the audience felt the same way..... The man exudes romance and love...... I have heard it said that the reason that women love Leonard is because Leonard so obviously loves women...... I do not doubt that for a second......

The Band was awesome...... and I can see now why I never obtained my life long goal of being a Leonard doo whop girl..... I just could not compete..... Stars every one of them.... I was entranced with the string player..... the fastest fingers I have ever seen.......

To anyone who was at the show tonight..... with the seven encore songs.....congrats, we had the best......

Now, when is he coming back???? I feel like " some Joseph looking for a manger".... good night all..... sweet leonard dreams.....