Please, post the setlists...

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Re: Please, post the setlists...

Postby kdcoe » Fri Jun 06, 2008 12:46 am

We recently were at the Kitchener, Ontario concert and we are going to be at the Toronto one on 6 June. I feel the list of songs may not be too important, especially when the list may vary a bit for each performance. We were expecting So Long Marianne in one of the encores, as it is a song somewhat endearing to us, and it was not played, although it was played in many other venues--you know, the setlists.

Maybe we should not try to anticipate the songs, or dwell on past performances, or past away. Even without So Long Marianne, the concert was very enjoyable and I really don't want to suggest to the maestro what is appropriate for his concerts.

Enjoy what is performed, and I am sure everyone will.
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Re: Please, post the setlists...

Postby glaux » Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:37 pm

2008 Spring/Summer Tour - Athens, Greece

July 30, 2008
Athens, Greece (Terra Vibe, Malakassa, 37 km north of Athens)

Set List

First Set

Dance Me To The End Of Love
The Future
Ain't No Cure For Love
Bird On The Wire
Everybody Knows
In My Secret Life
Who By Fire
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye

Second Set

Tower Of Song
Gypsy Wife
Boogie Street
I'm Your Man
Take This Waltz

First Encore

So Long, Marianne
First We Take Manhattan

Second Encore

Sisters Of Mercy
If It Be Your Will
Closing Time

Final Encore

I Tried to Leave You
Famous Blue Raincoat
Whither Thou Goest

The songs were the same as in Lorrach (from where I used the list),
except for "Famous Blue Raincoat" added to the final Encore
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Re: Please, post the setlists...

Postby jean40056 » Mon Sep 22, 2008 1:26 am

In Bucharest, September 21, 2008
Leonard Cohen did sing "Famous Blue Raincoat", as in Athens, but also "The Partisan"
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Re: Please, post the setlists...

Postby Maarten » Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:44 am

My pdf-file has found it's place on my own website, so the url has changed. Please go to ... 8-2009.pdf
to see all setlists.


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