The Banff Mini-Party

The Edmonton Event - before and after
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The Banff Mini-Party

Post by lklassen » Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:00 am

Hi all you Cohen fanatics!

As you may or may not know, despite being a major part of the 2008 event planning, I do not actually live in Edmonton. I am a resident of the world reknowned resort town, Banff! Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Banff is a fantastic place to start whether you're looking for hiking, camping, pampering, or partying.

On Monday July 28th, I will be returning to my home-sweet-home for one last goodbye hurrah before I move to Victoria, BC. I am inviting any and all Cohen Fest participants to join me! I will be planning a sort of mini-group tour for anyone who wants to join me... with plenty of hiking, pampering, and partying to go around.

This is a fantastic way for international participants to get a feel for the Rocky Mountains (and make the most out of those expensive international tickets!) If you want, you can tag along on my scheduled week of activities (which mostly consists of easy hikes and lots of drinking), or you can connect and reconnect with the group whenever you feel like it, giving you plenty of time on your own to explore the town.

The LCN festival is an awesome reason to come to Canada, but once you're here - why not enjoy yourself? Come enjoy the world class hiking trails or relax at one of our infamous 5 star hotels. Lots of stuff for everyone to do, whatever your interests.

Plus it sounds a lot cooler to say you went to Banff than Edmonton :) I will be making arrangements for various discounts, etc, during the trip so make sure to confirm with me if you plan on attending so that we can all take advantage of my connections up here in the Rockies!

Check out our facebook event group ( or the cohenites blog ( ... ff%20Event)for more details!

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