...."Then we take Berlin"

The Berlin Event - before and after
Andrew McGeever
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...."Then we take Berlin"

Post by Andrew McGeever » Tue Aug 15, 2006 1:32 am

Please, please me, oh yeah,
Give me the reports/ opinions/ moments/ rumours/ touchings/ glances/ music/ smoking/ drinking/ sensible readings/ unprintible stuff/ inflated egos/ beautiful losers/ where's my hotel/ why is this Germany/ did we come so far for beauty/ how the f**k can we get back home in one piece/ souvenirs/ autographs/ mentions in dispatches/ consensual sex/ etcetera

This is the start of a thread.......

Andrew .

P.S. How I wish I was there :(
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Post by margaret » Tue Aug 15, 2006 10:50 am

Andrew said
P.S. How I wish I was there
Me too!

We got caught up in the flight chaos on Thursday morning and were unable to travel as our flight, along with many others, was cancelled completely. :(

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Post by Paula » Tue Aug 15, 2006 11:47 am

We are waiting here with bated breath for a snippet. I have been thinking of you all weekend green with jealousy. Me three Andrew and Margaret.
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Post by Tri-me » Tue Aug 15, 2006 4:04 pm

MARGARET. I was wondering if all that would affect the Berlin event. Your travel plans completely cancelled, oh gaud that is so unfair.
Cheers & DLight
Tri-me (tree-mite) Sheldrön
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Andrew McGeever
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Post by Andrew McGeever » Tue Aug 15, 2006 10:28 pm

I had an idea some people wouldn't make it to Berlin.....and thought, please, please don't make it Margaret and John.
You both deserved Berlin, and Berlin would have been enhanced by your presence.
That's all for now; otherwise I might start crying.
As aye,
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Post by jarkko » Tue Aug 15, 2006 11:59 pm

Dear friends
Eija and I returned from Berlin tonight after the magnificent Event. Henning and his team had created an unforgettable gathering - and everything worked exactly according to the plans. Soon we start to post photos etc. on the Event pages, and I am sure participants will start to share their comments with members here!

Meanwhile, connect with Kim's photo album to see a selection of his shots:
http://homepage.mac.com/evocative1/Cohe ... um187.html
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Post by jurica » Wed Aug 16, 2006 8:10 pm

Indeed, the event was wonderful in every aspect. Thank you so much, Henning, and all the other guys.

I don't think anyone who heard little Suzanne singing The Lost Canadian will ever be able to forget it.

And I was closer to crying then I was in years when Peter did The Traitor the night after.

So many beautiful people, so many wonderful memories...

I'm so glad I made it to Berlin, and so sorry for you guys who didn't. Hope to get the chance to meet you soon!

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Post by Henning » Wed Aug 16, 2006 10:58 pm

I am back from Berlin and I am happy that people told me, that they enjoyed the event. Credits go out to all who helped me on that matter. Jarkko, Kadir, Andrea, Rita, Friedemann, Ulla, Andrew, Lizzie, Geoff, Bobbie, Flavio, Don, the people from Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche and Universal Hall, the nice blonde waitress at Cafe Stresemann, Nicole from the walking tour, Michaela from Restaurant Zitrone, my family, the superb event artists, the weathermaker and all the open-hearted guests.

A special "Thank you" goes to Suzanne Cras, who broke my heart with her version of Un Canadian Errants and who broke into tears when she had to say goodbye on Monday.

I feel deeply sorry for those who signed up but couldn't make it to Berlin. The London events have put a little shadow on our gathering and ruined the weekend of some of our friends.

I am burned out now and off to Hydra for a week. It may take some time until I will sent out the event items to those who paid the event fee but had to stay at home. I hope I am able to include a special live recording from the event.

Please sent all your Berlin photos and reports to Jarkko (ja@nebula.fi) as he will work on a Berlin Event documentary on the "leonardcohenfiles", the best webpage south of the North Pole.

Bye for now
Love - Henning
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Post by mickey_one » Thu Aug 17, 2006 12:13 am

Congratulations to Henning and his team. All my "spies" tell me the Event was magnificent!
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Post by swisschris » Thu Aug 17, 2006 12:31 am

Back from Berlin to cold Zurich...
After Hydra and New York it was indeed again an unforgettable event.
There were many highlights during these days, but I would say that the 2 Top of the Tops were:
-The concert of CHRIS AND CARLA. The Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche was a wonderful setting for this outstanding concert. I know and adore the music of the Walkabouts for almost 8 years, but so far I never have been able to go to one of their concerts here in Switzerland. This concert was pure magic!! (I hope someone recorded it...). And one could see that Chris and Carla liked the performance in front of us Cohenites as much as we did. They are not just wonderful musicians and singers, they are also very kind and friendly people, as I could experience after their show.
So, 1000000 thanks to Henning for making this (and the whole event, of course...The organisation was just perfect, perfect!!) possible.
-Un canadian errant...sung by Suzanne Cras at the Ibis 24-hour-hotelbar at about 2 o'clock on Sunday night. Words cannot describe what I felt when she sang that song, I was close to tears !!!

And thanks to all the wonderful and friendly people of all ages who made this event the success it was !!!
Sarah Thorngreen
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back in copenhagen

Post by Sarah Thorngreen » Thu Aug 17, 2006 12:50 pm

Thanks all of you for making this weekend so fabulous and spetacular. I had so much fun and I am gratefull for having meeting you all crazy cohenfans. All special people with special stories and backgrounds sharing the devotion of Cohens fine lyrics and music.

And also I agree on swisschris comment on the beautifull venues- they were perfect settings on this event.

My highlight on this weekend were definately Wendy Mcneils performance - she really captured me and I´m glad to realize that she is doing a concert in Malmö at the 24 of august !

Thank you all for letting me (and my friend Peter of course) in to your hearts- we felt very welcomed by all of you. But we are also happy its over- we need to get a bit sober again !!

Love Sarah
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Post by jurica » Fri Aug 18, 2006 2:33 pm

Hi there, Sarah and Chris, so nice to see you here. Hope you stick around the forum. Having two more as beautiful losers as the two of you may just sparkle back the enthusiasm I once had for it.
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Post by goodie » Fri Aug 18, 2006 9:52 pm

My first post to this forum even though I have been a member for a while, but anyway, I loved the Berlin event, the performances were superb, I was really amazed at the quality of the artists of the open mic performances.

A great thank you to all who made it possible, this was my first Leonard Cohen event, even though I have been a fan for a long time.

I think all the poeple I met in Berlin were very friendly, and I hope to see many people again sometime!

A special thanks to Henning and Jarkko!
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Post by Mirek » Fri Aug 18, 2006 10:38 pm

That was really The Great Event!

Congratulations, Henning (and family) - we admire your hard work.
Thanks should also go to Jarkko, Kadir, Andrew (Darby) and all the great artists performing not only during sessions, but also at Streseman's and on the street (encore, Don!!! - your new hit "Nobody knows" is just perfect)
Thanks to Suzanne for "Un Canadien errant" - I loved that.
To Andrew for a nice night discussion about Poland and Australia.
To Peter for a very interesting talk about "Stranger Song" at Universal Hall.

It was so nice to meet so many B'Losers - hope we'll be able to see you again some time in the future.

Mirek and Anna from Poznan, Poland
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Jimmy O'Connell
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Berlin !!!!

Post by Jimmy O'Connell » Fri Aug 18, 2006 11:20 pm

A BIG BIG "THANK YOU" to Henning and Jarkko and the team for the LC Event. It was my first... was a little anxious... but... had a ball!!!

Too many memories to highlight... loved the open mic... loved the spontaneous sing-songs at the Stressmann cafe and IBIS hotel...

Edmonton is looking good...
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