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Open Mic (Music): Reserve List

Postby Andrew (Darby) » Thu Feb 16, 2006 5:43 pm

Hi again friends – as I expected might be the case, the Open Mic session time is now fully allocated :!: What this now means is that, if you have had some thoughts about performing (and might still be prepared to live in hope :wink: ), you can have your name listed on a Reserve List - I will also let you know where on the list you are. This list will be reverted to if there are scheduled performers withdrawing before/at the event or the allocated performances finish before the session time is up.

It will be a simple matter to substitute from the Reserve List for withdrawals in advance, for say up to a week prior to the event. After that point I will be travelling, but will check on emails upon arrival in Berlin. If there are spaces in the schedule then, I will make an announcement at the event for however many from the top of the Reserve List to approach me in person about filling the space/s.

However, a standby arrangement will also be in place for the Open Mic session, to accommodate non-appearances or a quicker than expected progress through the performance schedule (so of course it would be imperative for those on the Reserve List to be there at the venue). The Reserve List and associated standby system will adopt the same chronological date of registration principle, but with new performers being prioritised over those who have already performed.

For those who wish to email me about the above, please do so at

A big thanks to all of you who are going to perform at the Open Mic session – I can’t wait to be treated to the musical smorgasbord this will undoubtedly prove to be! :D

Cheers :)
Andrew (Darby)
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