Miracles never happen but sometimes appear

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Miracles never happen but sometimes appear

Postby cordova85 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:14 am

Miracles never happen but sometimes appear
Upon the surface of the haunted lake
Like rays reflecting the light of the sun into
Your eyes. They blind your vision. Colored rings
Suddenly people your sullen sight. You lose
Your faith in the integrity of the world.
Reality then comes back with the drumming rain
To wet your hair and dry your mind. The truth
Shall never make you free but imprison love
That passes through the layers of the lake
Until it lies at the bottom with the ring
That your first lover gave to you. You threw
It there in a fit of jealous wrath. He drowned
Diving for it to make it your present again.
How many times you tried to raise your man!
But miracles never happen they only appear
On the silver surface of the lake like a floater
That sunbathes a while before it disintegrates.
You happened to be like a miracle to my eyes
When i saw your shady figure in the fog
That lasted on you when you sleepwalked past the lake
The night i came there to drown a love grown cold.
I woke you up. We talked for a while. The sun
Lifted the fog burnt high and set again
But didn't warm our memory-laden bones
For miracles never happen. I dived for the ring.

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