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"Decoding the Hindu Trinity"

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 9:04 am
by mat james
Decoding g~ds

Time and space
(or god)

and we each

With imagination
we create a world that suits us

of me, mine
……….and others

Never mind my prattle above.
I simply wished to draw your attention to a wonderful piece of writing I found on the internet a few nights ago.
Such clarity!
I never really understood what the East meant by "illusion". You know, Buddha and all that.
Why is all "illusion"?
Well now, thanks to this little paper below, I know.

Steven, you'll love this, but it may shock. ... inity.html

I would like this thread to become a discussion, for the little paper is so big; so feel free to pick the paper to pieces.

Mat James

Re: "Decoding the Hindu Trinity"

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 6:21 am
by Steven
Hi Mat,

Your poem and the linked article mesh very nicely together. Thanks for sharing both with us.

Both "imagination" and the "subjective" are subconsciously driven. I think Joseph Campbell wrote that religious
archetypes arise from the subconscious. Wouldn't want to parse out how this could operate with regards to any
particular religion.

The article appears cogent to me, though I'm not very familar with Hindu source material.

I'm slightly more familiar with some Buddhist writings on illusion. Heard a remarkable discussion on this from a Buddhist monk. My ability to convey what was said would be faulty, so I won't try.

Your poem and the article cover much ground succinctly.