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The Walkabouts

Post by tomsakic » Thu Sep 22, 2005 1:50 pm

The show in Zagreb two nights ago was great, although new material isn't so good as their previous albums. (Too loud for me, although I honor political statement.) It was so good to hear them after so many time; Carla was in great voice-shape as usual, and duets with Chris Eckman still works... and he alone is adorable with that Cohenish-meets-leader-of-the-band style, with voice not unsimilar to Mark Lanegan or Chris Rea. I must say Carla's voice was almost lost in all that loud rock, keyboard player was magnificient although he acted as he was playing on Simple Minds concert, and the bass player was great, but their drummer took the show as usual.

All night I wondered why I didn't continued to explore their music after I was - as total ignorant and on recommendation - on their 2000 show. Then, I bought one great bootleg with their greatest hits and Nick Cave and Townes Van Zandt covers, and that was the only thing I have (listened it so much it almost break, at the time). Anyhow, didn't have money to buy anything, and later discovered that Carla Torgerson (mp3 here) released her solo album Saint Stranger, and it is available here in shops (my next payment...), as is Walkabouts' Acetylene.

Opening act was given by drummer's band Transmissionary Six. Although they were praised after last year's show which I wasn't able to attend, this was nice, but left me totally cold. I was thinking, this evening will end in bad mood. I did have very bad day, so I blamed myself for such coldness. Sometimes I am not able to tell is the music actually good - this sounded as tipical, OK but nothing special. But when Crhis&Carla entered stage, it all was sudenly forgotten, so obviously, Transmissionary Six aren't so good.
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Post by jurica » Thu Sep 22, 2005 1:59 pm

i was thinking about emailing you to hear how it went. so - you did enjoy the show afterall! i'm glad.
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Post by Henning » Thu Sep 22, 2005 2:52 pm

Tom, I agree - I hardly can't stand Terry's singing - but maybe it's good for Carla's voice shining in a even brighter light as usual after you heard Terry in T6 before. To me "Acetylene" came right in time, cause I needed something to rock again from my favorite band. I commented to someone that the Walks can do what they want - I just love it. He commented back, that he has the same thing with 16 Horsepower.

I heard that Chris is going to do a project with Steve Wynn and Carla will be in Greece for another solo recording. Rumours say that Chris and Carla are having plans for a Bluegrass CD.

Good thing about music is - it never stops.

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Post by tomsakic » Thu Sep 22, 2005 10:34 pm

Today I have learned that Carla adn Chris released single with Nina Simojne covers, and also one BB&Serge Gainsbourg single... Well, that would be interesting...
Btw, I hoped you could send me the list of Walks' CDs you have :wink:

Post by Guest » Thu Sep 22, 2005 11:38 pm

I think I've got all their stuff, except for the Nina Simone cover CD.

I found a song on a Glitterhouse Sampler that has not been released officially so far.

I hope C+C don't mind that I put it online for a few days

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Post by Henning » Sun Oct 30, 2005 3:40 am

UK Uncut magazine (4 out of 5 stars for Acetelyne)

Bush-inspired 15th from underrated Seattleites.

The Walkabouts'20-year career has been a case of wrong place, wrong
time, making rough Americana in the '80s, then atmospheric noir in
Slovenian self-exile. Acytelene finds them back in Seattle as Bush's
re-election loomed, attempting angry rock. Chris Eckman and Carla
Torgerson's vocals remain almost prissily controlled, but turn it
right up and their stated sonic template of Neil Young-meets-wire
makes sense- as on the clipped bass boom and creeping squalls
of "Northsea Train", and the nervy repetition of "Kalashnikov".
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Post by Henning » Tue Nov 08, 2005 9:39 pm

Discussion on the Walkabouts mailing list:

Andresz wrote:

In, Elizabeth Furnier
<furnaceroomliz@y...> wrote:
> It's sad a band who are so incensed at Bush that it
> helped inspire this great CD have accepted being
> irrelevant as a working band in the U.S.
> I'm sorry if this email makes all the European
> Walkabouts admirers on this list mad. I don't mean to.
> The punk bands that "inspired" the sound of this album
> took risks - and had guts to spare.

Well, all in all,a naive and in my opinion completely wrong position:

this is grown history, the band, or people in general, go where they
can make a living with what they do. May or may not be inspired by
whatsoever. It's a shame for the USA that it doesn't value the
Walkabouts enough. If it wasn't that way, I'm sure they'd do some
occasional tours here in Europe and would have stayed in the USA.

it doesn't make me mad, on the contrary, I feel pity for you.
Everybody should have the possibility to attend a walkabouts show at
least once a year.

I don't think so: what punk band are you thinking of?I mean punk bands
who "inspired" the sound of this album? according to Chris the sound
that inspired the CD was: "A sound started to form in my head. I
wondered what it would have been like if Neil Young had stopped by
Wire's rehearsal space, sometime in 1977?" Neil Young a Canadian
punkrocker? Well for some reason... ;-). Give me a break! And Wire
British New Wave band revolutionaries taking risks! I mean political
risks not the risk to reach a new level in rock music (that's what
they did), it was my time and my music and I can't remember Wire acted
or were received this way.
Guts!? They are artists not missionaries preaching to the blind deaf
and dumb and a few converted.what would happen? Remember the Dixie
Chicks, truly American country band? Some critical remarks about Mr.
Bush and what did they get? No airplay, restrictions to play where
they already had contracts ....... well what has it got to do
with "guts" not taking the "risk " of this very foreseeable situation
not to earn your living and get restrictions and difficulties in your
working situation.
Besides: are the walkabouts politicians with a musical attachment or
musicians who in their work make a political statement?
just my two Euro Cent

Brian wrote:

I don't think the USA has had a chance to value to Walkabouts or not.
It has been a long time since they gave it a try.

By punk bands inspiring the album, maybe Christine means the sound and
energy of the album, which is obviously influenced by punk and
postpunk, rather than referring to one quote about Neil Young.

FYI After sticking their necks out, the Dixie Chicks gained a huge
rise in
popularity, respect, and - yes - record sales. It was not detrimental
at all.

I agree everyone should have the opportunity to attend a Walkabouts
show once a year. Perhaps we should all move to Seattle or Berlin to
increase our chances. :-)

I don't know if this list is the place for recent subscribers like
myself, who didn't realize fans' honesty (or frustration) is attacked
in this manner. What's next - does the moderator unsubscribe them?

I'm sure all U.S. residents on the list appreciate your "pity", but
please try to understand that when you are a big fan of a band's
music, and they only play on continents far from their home, it can
be a drag.

No band has the responsibility to be politicians first, musicians
Lets also acknowledge that if you make a highly political album,
however, it would be a very - lets call it - meaningful gesture to
back it up, much more so than perhaps a pure pop-song album. Is it
too much for an admirer and supporter of the band to hope for that? I
don't think so.

Eliz wrote:

I'm sorry if I am naive. I just hold out hope, for all
the people I think would find the Walkbouts music very
moving and meaningful (like I do), that they might
consider playing in America again. Someone said it has
been more than ten years since any American tour was
attempted. Maybe another try? A small one?

How can U.S. rock fans value the Walkabouts if they
don't know they exist?

And isn't Acetylene - a stunning rock album - the
perfect time to dip a toe in the water? It is
relevant, it is powerful, it is inspired.

I hope the Walkabouts also continue to tour Europe,
with great success. Of course all Walkabouts fans do.
I am just sorry that will not be broadened.
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