Better Than Home - Beth Hart

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Better Than Home - Beth Hart

Postby Kush » Sun May 10, 2015 1:38 am

Two great albums released in April. This is the other one....11 original new songs (plus two acoustic versions)


Tell Her You Belong to Me (written for her father who walked out on her family)

St. Teresa

revealing interview about her new album and life....

I was never good at confession
never really that good at anything at all
They don't want me hanging around the Mission
Singing hallelujah ! singing hallelujah !
St. Teresa, could I kiss your skin ?
Come a little closer
To this hell I'm living in

Sister Heroine (Live - written for her sister who died of drug overdose)
(not in the new album)

Just realized missing lyrics in the live version of Sister Heroine are a favorite of mine. Wonder why she cut it out....

No more working Alvarado
No more liars, tramps or tricks
Your skin and bones don't cast no shadow
On an empty bed in Motel Six

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