Mapping Tom Waits

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Mapping Tom Waits

Postby Goldin » Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:57 pm

From a wonderful Google Maps Mania blog:
The songs of Tom Waits contain many geographical references. Waits' narrative ballads are full of interesting characters living interesting lives in atmospheric locations.

Jonas Nordström has scoured the lyrics of all Tom Waits songs and created The Tom Waits Map, a Google Map that shows all the locations mentioned in the American singer-songwriter's back catalog. Click on a marker on the map and you can find out which song references the selected location and read the relevant lyric.

At the moment you can't actually listen to the songs but that might be coming. I discovered that the song 'Danny Says' (Idaho on the map) includes a link to listen to the song on Spotify. So hopefully Jonas is working on providing links to listen to all the songs.
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