Some hiphop music - Task Force

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Some hiphop music - Task Force

Postby godnose » Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:54 pm

Aside from my own childhood exposure to Leonard Cohen - then rediscovering him in more depth in my late teens - I was into a fair bit of hiphop. I have been pleasantly surprised at how open-minded people have been to this often-demonised music form (e.g.: here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=24006&p=260084&hilit=hiphop#p260084 and here: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=23980&p=260228&hil ... op#p260228). Even the Plan B "cover" of Suzanne has a mention, which I found pretty awful actually!

Anyway, it is hiphop, it comes with its own history, criteria, a bit of bravado, and so forth. But really this music formed my interest in melancholy music and poetry. Though I listen to less these days, a group that always stood out to me were called Task Force - I know one member of the group is a fan of Cohen's. They were always a cut above, less cliched and really the "real deal" as opposed to the music that always attained mainstream success without any movements in the underground scene first (e.g. Plan B).

As this is an LC forum and I am a huge LC fan, I feel right to voice something else which has also meant a lot to me. All unchartered types of music really require an inculcation, before which the music sounds a little like a noise and a jumble (certainly the case when I first heard Death of a Ladies' Man - an album I now love!) As with LC, it is very lyrically based, more unhewn, conversational, and abrupt, but not music for parties or clubs. I'd be interested to know what people thought. It'd be brave for people to give it more than one listen and see if any of the lyrics stick.


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