Speedboats for Breakfast

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Speedboats for Breakfast

Postby Witty Owl » Fri Sep 10, 2004 10:32 am

"Speedboats for Breakfast" is the title of the latest CD release by James Reyne; an Australian singer/songwriter. Probably not that well known elsewhere in the world but I have heard he is popular in some South American countries. (Paul Kelly and Mark Seymour are 2 other Aussies worth investigation) In Australia his CD got some mediocre reviews but then I have little respect for most critics and i think they do not quite get his wry viewpoint on things. His music may not appeal to many Cohen fans but he writes interesting lyrics all the same. here for your musing is the lyrics from one of the songs from "Speedboats...". Teratogen, this may amuse you?

The Rainbow's Dead End. James Reyne

Star-crossed junkie misfits on the run
Some expensive wardrobe,
A car, a gun for fun
They took her valise, a portmanteau
Such civilised way to go
This must be the rainbow's dead end

Peel back that velvet rope and come inside
There's Jungle Jim at Mr. Chows
With his mail order bride
The higher that monkey climbs that tree
The more of his fat ass you'll see
This must be the rainbow's dead end.

(bridge) If we get separated
I'll meet you there
In our little hideaway
Our pied-a-terre.

Last year's model stranded in the bar
With some NRA convention,
Itchy fingers, whiskey in the jar
Through this gin palace Alice wander
Absinthe makes this tart grow fonder
This must be the rainbow's dead end.

Hotel, motel drifters one and all
Lie like dead men down in rows
Against the Bondi Beach sea wall
The mirror smeared with wasted chance
And nicotine stained romance
This must be the rainbow's dead end.

Cheers, Witty Owl.

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