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Trade: Bob Dylan/Leonard Cohen

Post by cohomology » Tue Jun 05, 2007 12:03 pm


I have a small collection of Bob Dylan bootlegs, listed below. If you have any LC bootlegs that you would like to trade for one of these, please get in touch! My conditions are the usual - see the 'Introduction & Instructions' post by Tom Sakic, or the 'For Trade' post by ForYourSmile. The only point of difference is that since cover artwork is readily available on the web for BD bootlegs, I will point you in the right direction rather than print it off!

I'm interested in pretty much any part of LC's career, though I have a slight preference for tours after those documented on Live Songs.

Here's the Bob Dylan bootlegs I have (click on the link for track list/info). Some are well-known, others less so - I trust that if it matters to you, you will know the difference!

Finjan Club, Montreal, July 2 1962: a real gem.

Gaslight Tapes, New York, October 1962: one of the 'classics'.

In Concert, New York, 1963: originally intended to be released officially, many of the tracks appear on Bootleg Series Vols 1-3.

Lonesome Sparrow Sings, outtakes from various studio sessions, 1965-66: the snippets of conversation make this.

New York Sessions, the 'original' version of Blood On The Tracks, before several songs were re-recorded in Minnesota. Read any biography of Bob and they'll mention this.

Plymouth Rock, Plymouth/Waterbury, Autumn 1975: part of the first concert of the Rolling Thunder Revue, and another early concert, contains several songs that aren't on Live 1975.

Rock Solid, Toronto, 1980: extremely good quality, much edgier sound than on Saved, though I'm one of the few Bob fans who actually likes that album, despite not being a fundamentalist Christian!

San Franciso Bay Blues, Berkeley, June 10, 1988 (Neil Young plays guitar for half the concert): I think that this one is really good, better than the review suggests, though I only have up to 'Gates Of Eden'. If you don't have anything from this live period, you really should, as the sound is extremely different to anything else Bob's done, and hasn't been captured in an official release.

Blown Out On The Trail, New York, 1988: excellent double-disc, though not as 'wild' as the previous one.

Complete Supper Club, New York, November 16, 1993: a 4-CD set (!), contains the only live performances of several songs off Good As I Been To You and World Gone Wrong. Perhaps under duress, Bob ditched this set list for a greatest hits run through on MTV Unplugged. If you only want one of the discs, perhaps try disc 2, as this is the one that was recorded on the soundboard? However, disc 4 probably has the most interesting setlist.

Orlando 2002, Orlando, January 31, 2002: can't find this one of the other site! A very good concert, probably the one below is better, but this contains a few acoustic rarities.

Manchester 2002, Manchester, May 9, 2002: I went to this concert, and it's extremely good. If you don't have a version of Blind Willie McTell from the Larry Campbell/Charley Sexton period, this is a good choice. Senor and Visions Of Johanna are particular highlights, and the reviewer is right to highlight Blowin' In The Wind.

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Re: Trade: Bob Dylan/Leonard Cohen

Post by Elfink » Fri May 09, 2008 12:55 am

hello...I'm browsing round the forum and I just seen yer post so before I lose this page, or thought,let me just post you a quick e mail to ask you to get in touch with me - no big collection to offer you but just one pretty special tape that should get out and about more often of readings from Beautiful Losers. There should be a few other Cohen bbots in my collection but I'm not trawling thru the mind cupboards right now....just wanted to post a quick hello before I lost you.

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