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Artwork needed

Post by Annet2 » Thu Jan 11, 2007 8:32 pm

I just discovered this forum a few days ago, if anyone has artwork for these cds, please pm me

A Poetry Reading - New York City, NY 14/2/1966 (1cd)
Complete BBC Broadcasts-London, England 31/8/1968 & 7/9/1968 (1cd)
Isle of Wight, England 31/8/1970 (1cd)
The Golden Voice Of Leonard Cohen Vol. 1-Frankfurt, Germany 6/4/1972(2cd)
The Golden Voice Of Leonard Cohen Vol. 2-Various 1967-1988 (2cd)
Live in Tel Aviv-Tel Aviv, Israel 19/4/1972 (1cd)
Paris, France 7/9/1974 (1 cd)
Copenhagen, Denmark 22/9/1974 (2cd)
Live in Paris-Paris, France 19/10/1974 (2cd)
Frankfurt, Germany 25/4/1976 (3cd)
Montreaux Jazz Festival 1976-Montreux, Switserland 25/6/1976 (2cd)
Munich, Germany 31/10/1979 (1cd)
Bonn, Germany 3/12/1979 (2cd)
Birmingham, England 8/12/1979 (Soundcheck) (1cd)
Birmingham, England 8/12/1979 (1cd)
Manchester, England 9/12/1979 (2cd)
Brighton, England 15/12/1979 (1cd)
Rare Songs-Europe 1979 (1cd)
Amsterdam, Holland 30/10/1980 (2cd)
Live in Helsinki-Helsinki, Finland 7/2/1985 (2cd)
In The Land Of Martyrs-Warsaw, Poland 22/3/1985 (2cd)
Philadelphia, PA 30/4/1985 (1cd)
Philadelphia, Pa 1/5/1985 (1cd)
Vienna, Austria 6/7/1985 (3cd)
Graz, Austria 7/7/1985 (3cd)
Elixier Festival-Guehenno, France 13/7/1985 (1cd)
Berlin, Germany 9/4/1988 (2cd)
Koln, Germany 10/4/1988 (1cd)
Amsterdam, Holland 19/4/1988 (2cd)
Live at the Royal Albert Hall 30/5/1988 (2cd)
Live At The Ritz-New York NY 5/7/1988 (2cd)
Hand in Hand-Gent, Belgium 9/5/1993 (2cd)
Gothenburgh, Sweden 20/5/1993 (1cd)
Warfield-San Francisco, CA 3/7/1993 (2cd)

I know it's a lot, and have lots more on my hard drive, but they look so sad without a decent cover :?

any help would be appreciated
or a link where I can find covers would be great too


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Post by Rob » Fri Jan 12, 2007 11:43 am

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Post by tomsakic » Fri Jan 12, 2007 12:33 pm

Few are here:

Most of these you have aren't released as bootlegs, so there's no art covers exc. for those made by people like you, who wanted to have art covers:-)
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Post by Annet2 » Fri Jan 12, 2007 2:37 pm

thank you :P
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