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Leonard Cohen 1976-1993 concerts

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2013 2:27 am
by Stranger09
Hi there

new here, finally got to see Leonard live in Birmingham (UK) a couple of years back with my cousin, a great show!

I'm trying to fill some missing gaps in my collection of earlier live shows, some I'd found before but then lost in hard drive crashes, so any help is much appreciated!

The Olympia, Paris, France - 6 June 1976 FM
The Ritz , New York 5 July 1988 FM
Austin City Limits 12 July 1993 (stereo - audio is fine though this was a TV broadcast)
Jools Holland 1993 (stereo - audio is fine though this was a TV broadcast)

I believe in sharing on Dime, hungercity etc...but if you prefer snail mail or some other sort of despatch / trading let me know, happy to do my best to meet your terms.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Leonard Cohen 1976-1993 concerts

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 3:34 am
by Stranger09
I have found a source for the New York concert now, had to pay to access it, but here's hoping it's been worth it.

I just found a list including these items here -


Unfortunately when I tried to email the webpage owner the page bounced...seems I missed the last updated in 2004 bit :(.

It just shows what has circulated, and hopefully might circulate again sometime.

Curiously the Paris 1976 SBD or FM recording does seem hard to come across, at least the non-audience recording version. From what I can see, the CD shown on this page -
has not even been shared on Dime.

A sample of Paris 76 can be found here, albeit with wow and flutter -

I hope someone can help dig up and share this great historic concert from Paris in 1976, and perhaps some of the other items I have mentioend too...?

Incidentally currently I am working on a best of the 1979-1980 tour, ostensibly for myself but I hope to share that, and I have found a recording of the Amsterdam 1988 FM concert - completely in stereo, unlike the partly mono,partly stereo version I had got from a download site. Those who prefer private trading rather than sharing on torrent sites I hope things like these might encourage digging out of some of the obscure items I have mentioned.

Thanks for any help... :)

Re: Leonard Cohen 1976-1993 concerts

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:09 am
by Stranger09
Also, I would be *very* keen to get *this* version of the Toronto 1988 FM concert.

Torrent: 309828
Title: Leonard Cohen 9 November 1988 Toronto, Canada (FM broadcast - UPGRADE)
Size: 495.05 MB
Category: Singer/Songwriter
Uploaded by: banalny

Info hash: 617ef2fd71ad3e7f73e727fd4a3b1e8381939b74

Contract clause:

This is an upgrade to ... ?id=308722
judging by the cuts; both versions stem from the same master, but this one
sounds better. For comparison, I attach a sample reflecting the same section of
the show as the sample in the torrent above.


Leonard Cohen
9 November 1988
Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The Entertainers FM rebroadcast (11 March 1990) > ? > Sony TC-WR97ES >
M-Audio2496 (analogue port) > Cool Edit Pro > flac > SoundForge Pro 10.0 >
Trader's Little Helper 2.6.0 > .flac16


TT: 87:12.00

01. [4:23.63] //Ain't No Cure for Love
02. [6:10.15] Bird on the Wire
03. [6:26.26] I'm Your Man
04. [4:39.46] Heart with No Companion
05. [6:31.46] Take This Waltz (Leonard Cohen after Federico Garcia Lorca)
06. [8:31.23] (interview segment #1)
07. [6:30.68] Tower of Song
08. [6:08.37] Joan of Arc
09. [5:27.46] Jazz Police
10. [6:11.21] First We Take Manhattan
11. [6:22.38] (interview segment #2)
12. [4:23.31] Coming Back to You
13. [4:01.13] Suzanne
14. [8:15.43] I Tried to Leave You
15. [2:26.14] Whither Thou Goest (Guy Singer after the Book of Ruth 1:16)
16. [0:41.70] (Ralph Benmergui outtro//)

Complete broadcast (11 March 1990). Incomplete concert.
The interview (with Ralph Benmergui) recorded backstage the Massey Hall on 9
November 1988.


The band is

Leonard Cohen - vocals, guitar, keyboard

Bob Metzger - guitars, pedal steel guitar
Stephen Zirkel - bass, keyboards, trumpet
Steve Meador - drums
Bob Furgo - keyboards, violin
Tom McMorran - keyboards
John Bilezikjian - oud
Julie Christensen - vocals
Perla Batalla - vocals


Last rev. 22Jun10.
DiLeCo 2010.

I know it has been on bootleg CD...I have done some reading up on this, and the above version should be superior to both the recent bootleg CD, and the download I have (which is FM, but the sound is both a little fuzzy and muffled).

I have found a minidisc audio of the Jools Holland show from 1993 I have too - in stereo, excellent quality, so I do have some material that may be of interest to others too, even if it may not be as much as I am seeking at present.

Re: Leonard Cohen 1976-1993 concerts

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:27 pm
by Stranger09
Someone - not me - has just posted this concert on Dime -

artist: Leonard Cohen
date: 10. April 1988
venue: Philharmonie
city: Köln
state: Germany
source: FM
gen: 1.Gen

Tracklist total playtime 76:22

01.) Radioedit/Bird on the wire 6:42
02.) Hey, that's no way to say goodbye 5:12
03.) Who by fire 7:08
04.) Ain't no cure for love 6:12
05.) Dance me to the end of love 6:25
06.) The law 5:32
07.) Heart with no companion 5:11
08.) I'm your man 5:58
09.) Coming back to you 4:13
10.) First we take Manhattan 6:11
11.) Avalanche - solo 4:09
12.) Chelsea hotel #2 - solo 4:34
13.) The stranger song - solo 5:22
14.) Tower of song 3:07 fade out
15.) Radioedit 0:26

Note: WDR 2 - Unterhaltung a'la carte

Source: 1.Gen/FM T0276AU ... ?id=453449

For info - it is *much* better than the bootleg CD I bought of this back in the day, so this could be new to you - it's fine quality.

I am working on another FM gig from 1988 right now to upload to another site shortly too.

(EDITED - I orginally said "Someone - note me - has just posted this concert on Dime" in error, amended accordingly to
"Someone - not me - has just posted this concert on Dime"

Re: Leonard Cohen 1976-1993 concerts

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:47 am
by Stranger09
I have just added this to Hungercity -

Leonard Cohen
Music Theatre, Amsterdam 18th April 1988
FM recording - stereo throughout

CD 1
01 Bird on the Wire
02 Dance Me To The End Of Love
03 Who By Fire
04 Ain't No Cure For Love
05 The Law
06 Heart With No Companion
07 I'm Your Man
08 Coming Back To You
09 First We Take Manhattan
10 Chelsea Hotel #2
11 Tower Of Song
12 One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
13 Everybody Knows
14 There Is A War (incomplete)

201 Take This Waltz
202 Hallelujah
203 Sisters Of Mercy
204 Hey That's No Way To Say Goodbye
205 I Can't Forget
206 Suzanne
207 So Long, Marianne

I recently went through the Leonard Cohen downloads I have collected / salvaged from hard drive crashes.

This was the most impressive 1988 concert to me: there a few FM broadcasts - my favourite type of concert recording - from this year, but this was the best combination of providing a (near?) complete concert, in excellent quality, with an enjoyable song selection. The Reykjavik concert from this year is even longer, but leans towards what I considered more 'arty' Leonard - I must point out that is no bad thing, I love that aspect to his work, but the 'pop' fan in me really liked this concert more. If you're thinking 'pop?', well listen to the arrangement of Hey That's No way To Say Goodbye - arguably the closest Leonard has come to that, in my opinion anyway.

Now the version I downloaded from Dime was very good indeed, but had some disadvantages -

1) compared to other gigs from the same year it seemed to run a little too fast, perhaps as much as 3%?
2) It was quite 'hot', seemed a bit of a bassy, overloaded recording, despite being excellent stereo too.
3) Finally, about half the tracks in the middle section of the concert were mono.

So on digging through CDs I made from my tape collection a while back, I found this. By comparison -

1) it sounds like it's at the correct speed.
2) While still perhaps slightly 'hot' - the taper (not me) may have had the recording levels a little high - it sounds more comfortable than the above mentioned torrent version.
3) Lastly, it is stereo throughout.

I therefore am sharing this here. The source of this is from tape (cannot find that currently, but I believe it was chrome tape - I believe it was probably off master), to CD-R to pc, to you. The one disadvantage is that There is a War cuts out...I must say it's a bit of a lacklustre version, it lacks the spirit of some of the other songs here - doesn't appear on the other FM shows I have, so perhaps it was less performed / less favoured on this tour.


If indeed you do enjoy this, I am *very* keen to get hold of the following Leonard Cohen recordings, and would be very grateful if you could oblige by sharing any of these in return.

Can anyone help with sharing the following Leonard Cohen shows?

*** Leonard Cohen - The Olympia, Paris, France - 6 June 1976 FM / soundboard*** -

Curiously the Paris 1976 SBD or FM recording does seem hard to come across, at least the non-audience recording version. From what I can see, the CD shown on this page -

has not even been shared on Dime. A sample of Paris 76 can be found here, albeit with wow and flutter -

*** Leonard Cohen - 9 November 1988 Toronto, Canada (FM broadcast - UPGRADE)***

uploaded by banalny in 2010. Not the earlier, rougher version - I have that and I am keen to get this upgrade version.

Also I downloaded - and lost, probably in a HD crash, a nice Leonard Cohen 1972 or so was bass heavy, but stereo-ish, and the audience volume was quite low, had quite a unique sound, almost if it had been recorded in a small room with mics set up rather than a conventional concert. I don't think that's how it was recorded, but it sounded like that.

I also believe from what I have read the BBC recordings Leonard did around 1968 have now emerged in better quality?

Thanks for any help on sharing the above - or any other high quality Leonard Cohen shows!