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Operation X-70

Post by pe swijngedouw » Sun Feb 01, 2009 4:34 am

Operation X-70 is a short animation film by belgian master Raoul Servais, from 1971, that i saw long time ago, but since then never found back.
Mr. Cohen lent his voice to it, but i do not know, which figure he plays ; does anyone ? perhaps mr Sakic does, as this film won a prize in a zagreb film festival, back in 1972.

i found this film on youtube, searching for "Operation X-70", after visiting the special exposition of works of Raoul Servais in ostend, belgium, last week.
more information can be found at this site : http://www.raoulservais.be

i thought this could be interesting to somebody here, but i did not know where to post this.
good night and good luck with the search for the still young golden voice

... precisely ...
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