Shall we trade? (Updated)

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Shall we trade? (Updated)

Post by Yeats » Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:12 am

See below for the updated portion
Hello, I am a newcomer to this very splendid forum.
I got into Mr. Cohen's work recently. Very pleasing to the heart and soul.
I saw some short video clips of a 1972 (or was it 74?) documentary Bird on the Wire (directed by Tony Palmer?)
online, and I would awfully like to view the rest of it.

I don't have much in the circles of trading
(For I have the bootleg concerts that I'm sure everyone can find on the internet
ex.Tel Aviv '72, Toronto 2008, Beeb etc...)
but what I do have is:

A 1969 Songs of Leonard Cohen Music Book from which I could scan
some photos of Mr. Cohen (ex with the Buckskin Boys, on Hydra and in New York)
as well as an interesting 2 page article by William Kloman on Cohen's work
for anyone wishing to view so (even if you don't have the documentary to trade with me
I would be more than happy to pass on these scans to all)

Sorry, I've yet to obtain any collectors items yet (aside from the book)

In any case, shall we trade?
UPDATE: It probably doesn't matter much, but if anyone was curious.. I am updating this post
to say what each picture is of (maybe that will give people more an incentive to possibly
trade-I know... 13 pictures and two mp3s is not much, but its all I have to work with here, haha)
1: Cohen and the Buckskin Boys
2: Cohen article pg1 + Cohens words: "This is pure fantasy. Never heard of the man mentioned here. All good things, Leonard"
3: Cohen article pg2
4: Cohen playing guitar for kids in Greece
5: Cohen at a table in Greece with a dog on his lap + a man sitting beside him with an accordian
6: Cohen reading F. Scott Fitzgerald (at least, i think so)
7: Cohen dancing
8: Cohen with mustache, walking beside Marianne
9: Cohen singing to Judy Collins (Judy's face is not too visable- I had to be careful with the book when scanning)
10: Cohen walking with Judy Collins
11: Cohen sitting by a door
12: Cohen, John Hammond and Judy Collins
13: Cohen blowing a smoke-ring at the camera
mp3#1: Cohen reading "God is Alive, Magic is afoot"
mp3#2: Cohen singing (speaking) "Twelve O' Clock Chant" with Guitar (from CBC archives not from the DVD) and reading "Out of the Land of Heaven" with Guitar

If you would like to trade for these please PM me
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