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have moved to dvd from video ... now clearing:

Posted: Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:51 pm
by A.Sukitu
a. The Tibetan Book of the Dead UK video release Film Board of Canada copyright 1994. The Great Liberation; The Life After Death, narrated by Leonard Cohen.
b. I am a Hotel. Copyright CTV Canada.
c. Leonard Cohen. Spring 96 a film by Armelle Brusq.
d. Ladies and Gentlemen ... Mr Leonard Cohen. copyrught 1999. Directed Donald Brittain and Don Owen. 44 mins.
e. Songs from the Life of Leonard Cohen. originally broadcast on BBC. copyright l988. 70 mins long.

all UK videos.

I shall be at 02 concert in London so could pass on there, or am happy to post.

nb these are videos not dvds. and UK running videos (which might not run outside UK?)

hope someone interested in these. can supply further detail if required.

Re: have moved to dvd from video ... now clearing:

Posted: Thu Jul 10, 2008 5:59 pm
by A.Sukitu
videos now taken; hope they will be as enjoyed.

this section now closed. thanks.