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Postby Boss » Mon Oct 22, 2018 12:00 pm

in memory of Jez who would
have turned 48 tomorrow

Dionysus was multifaceted
So was Mister Albert Einstein
I wonder if they've met in heaven,
a Greek god and a Jewish physicist?
If Bradman hasn't passed on a
few tips to my brothers; to my Dad
If Ali, Babe Ruth and Trevor Barker
haven't done the same thing.

Would Mao be there? Mussolini?
Hitler? Would Adolf Hitler be there?
Maybe Leonard's handing him flowers
Then trying to explain 'Dance Me...'
There'd be six million angry unsated ones
Fifty million from that war, fifty million
Napoleon, Genghis Khan and Mohandas
Gandhi, my sister Esther, her beau Peter

Could they marry? Have kids? I don't think
so. Do their spirits affect us? Some believe
so. What do Robin Williams and Socrates
actually do? And Golda Meir that old tigress.
Imagine being there - Lennon, Sellers, Mayall
The Wright Brothers, Armstrong, Edison, Alice
Miller, M. Scott Peck, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin
Marx, Freud, Jung, William Wallace, Namatjira.

Is G-d there? He must be - 'Our Father who art
in Heaven', what does he do? Is he like an arbiter?
Did Buddha or Jesus or Muhammad get the top
job? You never can tell. Imagine playing 500 with
those three! If it's there, and I believe it is in some
form, you'd just be so busy being with all those
spirits wouldn't you? I'd love to 'see' my sister
again - alive in any form for one long eternal day.
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For you, Rebecca

Postby Boss » Fri Nov 02, 2018 4:31 pm

The sun couldn't set
without you
The stars would all die
without you
The rivers, the valleys
all wouldn't meet up
without you

You are the cog
in your life
You are the centre
of your circle
You are the dancer
on stage, in the dawning
of your dreams -
it doesn't matter 
what others think

With tenaciousness
and raw courage
With guts and will
you transform those
you touch, a true
breath of fresh air

Never forget 
We both learned
many lessons
Two lonely souls in
in a buckled world

I'm not sure where
I will end up -
maybe nowhere
It doesn't matter
because I have 
a niece I am so
very proud of

'I'll watch her back'
For a million years

You Are The Reason

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