Croghan Hill, Co. Offaly

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Croghan Hill, Co. Offaly

Postby Jimmy O'Connell » Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:14 pm

Croghan Hill, Co. Offaly

Here she looms, by the western road,
sentinel and herald, where our tribal
priests once processed to this umbilicus,
become primordial catechist, their crane
skin bags rattling with chants and runes

as ligament to our blind reach for the sacred
and acknowledgement of ignorance as our
unassailable companion; and here I stand with
them in contemplation overlooking these wetland
plains, allured by the ever occurring Anxieties.

The solstice sun antiphonates among wasps
and bees swarming around ragwort and nettles,
while to the East cobalt-grey Mount Leinster
withdraws, strumming a paean behind the slow
heave of blackening clouds. To the South I watch

over the Slieve Bloom as the Druids might,
a sleeping goddess, her flank clothed in silks
of russet and green, and how she lies now

in slumber until the shivered mists of night
descend, when she will awaken to haunt
our dreams and thwart our demented desires.
Oh bless the continuous stutter
of the word being made into flesh
-The Window-
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Re: Graham Hill, Co. Offaly

Postby solongleonard » Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:47 pm

Yes, I agree that Graham was an Offaly good driver but are you seriously contending that he was actually better than his sister, Damon, or his twin half brother James Cunt ? Your poem does not deal adequately with this political hot bath.

Solongleonard and The Demented Desires.

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