...not quite Poetry

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...not quite Poetry

Postby mat james » Sun Mar 18, 2018 1:50 am

I am Who Am…Altjuringa

…Altjuringa, Einstein and the god of Spinoza …
Tjuringa, song-lines… and Leonard Cohen’s album, Ten New Songs…
The Wirinun, Om... and the Secret Chord
Electro-magnetic shells, vibration and mystic connections.
Mono-totemism in a poly-totemic World.
The magic of objects, life energies, sounds, thoughts, songs, words…poetry.
60,000 years of Now…Altjuringa, tjuringas and totemic you.

Diablo, the big-bang, fragmentation, dis-unity and the Dark Night.
Re-assembly, Unity and the zero-energy pre-universe, Void and Oneness.
Fragmentation, laws of design and align; and the “flight of the alone to the Alone”.
Puzagon, totemic geometry and Plato’s TOE.
Van Gogh, ex-ray painting, energy fields and you.

Altjuringa: Cosmos, energy-Life, matter, nature, totemic philosophy/connection through objects, art, poetry, song, maths, physics, engineering…and you…

(The above is a Poet’s perspective; a Zen-like pebble raking outline of 60,000+ years of human thought and understandings. Australian Aboriginal Culture, the oldest culture on the planet, has its own religious-philosophy and the various human migrations over time and geography going back through those wanderings out of Africa, suggest to me that the Australian Aboriginal ‘Altjuringa’ is the repository of that ancient source. Indeed it could be argued that Altjuringa is the mother of religion. Time and genetic origins alone, make it so.)
So in a poetically-OM summary: From Altjuringa evolves an Einstein equation or a Zen Koan, a precious Tjuringa song-line or a sacred “burning bush” with a Great Spirit; it’s all about Connections and Unity.
“…Tell them that the ‘I AM’ has sent you.”

Mat James, 7:59 AM, Sunday 18/03/2018.
"Without light or guide, save that which burned in my heart." San Juan de la Cruz.

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