Altar Earth

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Altar Earth

Postby Jimmy O'Connell » Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:40 pm

Altar Earth

The altar is a cliff escarpment above the oyster
grey evening sea where they kneel and stand
as ritual requires; the psalm read, the sermon

given, the hymnal sung in praise and gratitude.
Below, the slurping waters throng with
seaweed and anemone, throbs into a living pulse.

The tundra wind tolls, the host is lifted
again and again, its reverberation thumps
and the great swell of sea astounds in curiosity,

absorbing the tone upon its swell of wave and surf;
and now the whole earth groans in unison;
but their gods are not heeded, their inflow

and out-breath ignored; transfigured into
anger and despair they turn storm-tumult
and rock-quaked; the altar escarpment abides.
Oh bless the continuous stutter
of the word being made into flesh
-The Window-

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