For Leonard, on hearing of his death

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Pat Beckerman
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For Leonard, on hearing of his death

Post by Pat Beckerman » Fri Nov 11, 2016 2:56 pm

Wrote this in the middle of the night...couldn't sleep after hearing of Leonard's deathl

I hope you knew
true friend to my soul
that you took us deeper

the dark cloak of those waters
tread in apparent calm
no longer masks the chaos
you dismantled with your words

for we caught your courage
to dive to the depths
and savor the dark
of love's true heart

bright the purging light
deep the gratitude
sharp the humbling pain

and we burned before the burn,
with you!
dear Leonard
through the beckoning cracks

saved somehow
by our endless tears
in the stunning light of your offerings
sweet gifts of your open heart
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