Christmas peom

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Christmas peom

Postby ness » Sat Dec 14, 2013 8:30 pm

The mountains of darkness
Come crashing down,
As the inner light
Makes no sound.

The thunder storm,
Are nothing to
The babe new born.

His limbs are weak,
But his eyes open wide,
The power and the glory
He holds inside.

A symbol for
Us all to see,
Blind prisoners
Of our destiny.

The big is small,
The strong is weak,
The truth is real,
Both mild and meek.

The darkness in
The world outside
Can no longer stand,
Can no longer hide.

As weakness over takes
The strong,
And we realise that
We have all been wrong.

Mountains of darkness
Come crashing down
As the inner light
Rises from the ground.

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