The Diamond's Mine (crib notes)

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The Diamond's Mine (crib notes)

Post by Pete » Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:52 pm

I did these crib notes for 'The Diamond's MIne' quite a while ago (A number of non Cohenites and one or two Cohenites requested some assistance in identifying the references/sources/cryptic comments)
I've been pondering whether to post them and I've pondered long enough. I did it in the form of a table but not possible to replicate it here..but you'll get the gist. Some people may prefer not to read these for fear of spoiling the illusion :)

Page Comment Source
2 ‘There are winners and there are losers …. some are beautiful…..’ ‘Beautiful Losers’. Title of 2nd novel.
4 The window, stained with a heart, a pair of handcuffs and ‘somesortofbird’ was her pride and joy……’ Illustration from ‘The Future’ album
9 Moody Blues fans will recognise references to albums in one paragraph
14 Joan of Arc Song title
14 ‘And who shall we say is calling?’ From ‘Who by fire’ song.
15 ‘Dear Leonard, please walk with me again with your pants in your hand….……..……….etc’ Adapted from ‘Dear Heather’ song.
15 ‘Mummy talks about the future and says it’s not very nice.’ Adapted from ‘The Future’ song
15 ‘Avalanche’ Song title
15 ‘Robins are falling’ Adapted from ‘Chelsea Hotel’ song
15 ‘….butcher only slaughters lambs and not turkeys’ Adapted from ‘The Butcher’ song
15 ‘last year’s man’ Song title
15 ‘we wait for a miracle to come’ ‘Waiting for the miracle’ song
15 ‘Please don’t pass us by, Santa. Mummy is blind…….etc’ Adapted from ‘Please don’t pass me by’ song
16 ‘It’s four in the morning sometime in December, I’m singing to you Paula……etc’ Adapted from ‘Famous Blue raincoat’ song
16 ‘I remember you well in the Hilton Hotel, you were giving yourself ……..etc’ Adapted from ‘Chelsea Hotel’ song
16 Queen fans will recognise an adaption of Bohemian Rhapsody.
17 Dialogue between Paula and Leonard … ‘Is this what you want?’ ‘No Paula, it’s ‘is this what you wanted?’’ ……..’are you a ghost?’………..…etc’
Adapted from ‘Is this what you wanted?’ song
17 ‘Take this longing, Leonard, take it, take it’ Adapted from ‘Take this longing’ song.
18 ‘your hair on this pillow is like a golden, sleepy storm’ Adapted from ‘Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye’ song
19 ‘With one hand on the window pane and one hand on the sill, she balanced ‘oh so well’…….……etc’ Adapted from ‘Stories of the Street’ song
19 ‘ a mare of great standing and presence……..a presence without absence’ ‘Ballad of the Absent Mare’ song title.
20 ‘…as she leant on the mare’s neck and whispered low ‘wherever thou goest, I will go’ and they turned as one and rode down the lane. The moon drizzled out as it started to rain……etc’ Adapted from ‘Ballad of the Absent Mare’ song
23 ‘the future is bingo and it’s quite alright’ Adapted from ‘The Future’ song
24-25 Bingo prizes are in italics and are variations of album and song titles:
28 ‘A Christmas Story’ film fans will recognise the two boys Ralphie and Randy
32 – 34 ‘Who in the sunny shine? Who in the nighty time?.............etc’
‘And who tried not to slip? But fell and broke her hip…………etc’
‘And who has smelly scent? Who’s had an accident?............etc’ Adapted from ‘Who by Fire’ song
39-40 ‘Because of a few splinters wherein there lies the mystery… ……etc’ Adapted from ‘Because Of’ song
40 ‘Leonard was tempted to try to leave and close the book on them at least a hundred times …….etc’ Adapted from ‘I tried to leave you’ song.
41 ‘She thought that her mother had fought against the bottle……..etc’ Adapted from ‘That don’t make it junk’ song
43 ‘Play Misty’ film fans will recognise references here.
43 ‘…the one with the mist and the scar and my body and the embraces…….etc’ Adapted from ‘True love leaves no traces’ song
45 ‘it’s a real diamond, Johnny….. the one thieving con seagull’ Neil Diamond, Jonathan Livingston Seagull (album)
47 ‘and you’ve slaughtered and tortured my duck and I feel like throwing up………etc’ Adapted from ‘The Butcher’ song
48 ‘and there are no letters in my mailbox and I’ve drunk my third bottle of wine………etc’ Adapted from ‘Diamonds in the Mine’ song
49 ‘…just a thousand kisses, Mr Deep’ ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’ song title
50 ‘when I stumble into bed…..and get ready for a struggle…..etc’ Adapted from ‘I can’t forget’ song.
51 ‘Leonard’s patience was wearing paper thin… like the walls of a hotel…….’ Adapted from ‘Paper Thin Hotel’ song
52-53 ‘Travelling lady please walk a mile, now the night is over. Walk past the station on your way but not as far as Dover…….etc’ Adapted from ‘Winter Lady’ song.
54 ‘The Who’ fans will recognise Uncle Ernie from ‘Tommy’
58 ‘I don’t want this place to get wrecked……..etc’ Adapted from‘Closing Time’ song
63 ‘she knew that these men were dealers……..etc’ Adapted from ‘The Stranger’ song
66-68 ‘Bobbles, I’ve been waiting, I’ve been waiting day and night. I didn’t see the time, the cuckoo had a fright………..etc….. waiting for the bus there’s nothing else to do, I haven’t been this happy since I caught the 42…..etc…..waiting for the bus to come’ Adapted from all verses from ‘Waiting for the Miracle’
The no. 42 bus has operated in Edinburgh for many decades.
76-77 ‘Lovely looking sky………etc’ Adapted from ‘Lonely looking sky’ song from Jonathan Livingstone Seagull album (Neil Diamond)
78 ‘Everybody knows the diamond we are seeking……..etc‘ Adapted from ’Everybody Knows’ song
80 ‘he’s always longed to be in a book…….’ ‘Book of Longing’ book of poetry
81 ‘Everybody knows you have a mitre on your head’ Adapted from ‘Everybody Knows’ song
83 ‘…. Just a bunch of frozen lonesome heroes……untold stories in a street of despair’ ‘A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes’ ‘Stories of the Street’ Two song titles.
83 ‘….that stepped into this snowdrift that covered up their soles. He had blankets and a lunch pack….…….etc’ Adapted from ‘Avalanche’ song.
83 McCab enters the story. ‘McCabe and Mrs Miller’ film score consisted of Leonard Cohen songs. McCabe (played by Warren Beatty) is shot and dies in the snow.
86 Red Dwarf fans will recognise the ‘H’ on the forehead of one of the dwarfs.
88 ‘The sister of Mydar and Oudar had not departed or gone…etc …. and the seven dwarfs she can certainly control…..but she soon made them realise how much they had sinned…….etc’ Adapted from ‘The Sisters of Mercy’ song
92 Blue alert Title of album by Anjani… lyrics by Leonard Cohen
92 ‘and they slid in one direction and nothing, nothing could prevent the blizzard which unfurled………..etc’ Adapted from ‘The Future’ song
96 ‘If it be my shrill that my voice be true, from this icy chill………etc’ Adapted from ‘If it be my will’ song
98 Queen fans will recognise an adaption of Bohemian Rhapsody.
101 ‘got down on her knees…..deep velvet seats.. ‘ Adapted from ‘Please don’t pass me by’ song
102 ‘I stand before you knackered as you must try to see. I nearly tasted you in my efforts………..etc’ Adapted from ‘Light as the breeze’ song
104 ‘Look, you think you know me……..etc’ Adapted from ‘Memories’ song.
104 ‘Look up to the clouds that are snowing……..etc’ Adapted from ‘The Window’ song
108 ‘And Zzily made her move after Paula had given the cue, but still she was shivering………etc’ Adapted from ‘One of us cannot be wrong’ song.
110 ‘Just let her go by like an ice silhouette in the great snowy sky …….etc’ Adapted from ‘Ballad of the Absent Mare’ song.
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Re: The Diamond's Mine (crib notes)

Post by Alsiony » Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:11 pm

Hello Pete :D
How are things going for the next one? (I know it wasn't long ago that I asked you that haha)
Is there a thread up that I don't know about yet?

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Re: The Diamond's Mine (crib notes)

Post by Pete » Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:48 pm

Hi Alsiony
You haven't missed anything....I'm building up to it slowly. At the moment I'm busy writing a biography for a Sheffield band which is taking up quite a bit of time but very enjoyable..especially the research and the interviews with members of the band. I'm also continuing with articles and reviews for the music magazine.
I do have a sort of interlude ready between The Diamond's Mine and the sequel which I'll start to post in a few weeks time.

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