sharks and scissors (i'm writing because you're reading)

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sharks and scissors (i'm writing because you're reading)

Post by piñata heart » Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:53 pm

my dearest _____,

i wanted to write an epic poem for you.
(i've so many poems for you)
it was going to be about the night
i stood before your naked body
and wept.

i wept for:
1. you
2. me
3. the 9th ward
4. the ghosts of hart island
5. and the legions of lonely souls
who've decided to chuck it all,
and head for the roof
or the sea.

i wanted to tell you
all of these things
but all i could think about
was coney island in october
and the way you danced around me,
kicking at the crashing waves.
(each one a new and relentless enemy)

it isn't much of a legacy, i know,
but it's enough for me.

drugs & kisses,

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