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Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:21 pm
by tinderella
You are so right about Italians. My sister married an italian and lives in Rome so I visit quite often. I have always loved Italian movies. Another wonderful one is Il Postino

a little clip if you have not seen it

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:57 pm
by Violet

.. hi Tinds.. (oh, I just now saw your last post.. I know that film.. very good as I recall..).. anyway, I’m sorry about the font size.. the aesthete in me thinks it looks better.. perhaps you have something at the top of your computer, under “View” I think it is, where you can make print larger.. see if you have that feature… it might help with other sites as well..

.. hi I.F... um.. as to the kinder gentler Georges.. this film might serve to undermi -- well, you'll see..

.. as for you, Georges.. my dankish knight of the furthermost regions of darkishness.. I know you love Ireland, but I thought you should consider coming to New York.. we could set up house here.. actually, there’s this lovely place called The Dakota.. lots of actors live there, and other famous people.. and besides, I think New York really is the place for you, given your acting ambitions.. (you’re Guy Woodhouse, at the moment, my love.. not to confuse you too much, story line wise).. anyway, I wanted to get you away from all of that darkish black magick(ish) stuff you get up to over there in that dankish-darkish Irish swampy wasteland of yours.. I mean, considering that here in New York everything’s clean and nice.. or at least has the potential to be clean and nice.. (not sparing a little elbow grease..).. you’ll see, my sweet.. and The Dakota is the kind of place where you can make friends while doing laundry.. and have neighbors you can really trust and rely on..

your excited newly wed,
v i o l e t (flower)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (honey.. what are these scratches on my back?..).. xxxxxxx.. (did you get a bit frisky with me last night.. while I was asleep???).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (.. that’s a new one).. xxxxxxx.. (well, it is that time of the month where I’m most likely to get pregnant.. maybe we’ll have that baby boy you wanted..)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (nice to think about, at any rate).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (but baby.. can you tell me something?.. um.. why do you keep going next door??.. xxxxxx I mean, aren’t I good company??.. just what do the Castevettes have that makes them so very compelling to you??… I mean, I know he is world traveled 'n all.. and Mrs. Castevette does make a very good chocolate moose or “mouse” as she likes to call it..) (with the exception of that slightly bitter after taste).. (.. yuck, come to think of it).. xxxxxxxxxxxx.. (.. anyway, honey, I just thought you should know that it does get a bit desolate feeling here in this cavernous apartment all by my lonesome..).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (oh, don’t get all grumpy now)… xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (you must know by now that I adore you..)..xxxxxxx.. (hey.. why don't we make love on the floor again?.. I liked that..)..xxxx (remember?..)..xxxxxxx.. (.. it was so... romantic..).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx.. x x xxxxxxx x x
(ouch.. this is hurting my hip bone... xxx.. maybe we should use a few pillows..).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (there, that's better).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx x x x x x
.. xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx x x x x.. xxx (.. oh, my darling.. you really do know how to please me..)..xxxxxxxxxx.. (you really reallly do..).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (oh, my god..).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xx x xxx xxxxxxxxxxx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (my angel..).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (my love).. xxxxxx x xx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxx x xxxx x..

.. I have to add that the dream sequences in this Polanksi film are unrivalled, I think.. and the set design is amazing (all interiors are shot in California, not New York, but you’d never know it).. and the music score is just wonderful.. I'd have to say, it's one of my all time favorite films.. (and I think Georges would really like it too..).. v.

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 9:58 pm
by imaginary friend
Hi Tinds,

I did see Il Postino – but I'd forgotten it. Thanks for the clip, I'll have to rent it again, as I've completely forgotten the ending (don't tell me).

Did you see the Italian movie about the nun who found the abandoned baby and set out to find the father? I forget the name of the film, but remember that the baby was called Fausto...

Apologies for temporarily commandeering your thread G & V ;-)

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:00 pm
by Violet
.. hey, I.F... babies and Faust just might fit in here nicely methinks.. v. xxx

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:01 pm
by imaginary friend
Just once, in the whole of history, show me a man who didn't immediately strip upon hearing the magic words: 'Hey! Let's make love.'

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:56 am
by Violet

.. Georges, my love, here's a clip of our new happy home.. The Dakota.. isn't it something?.. and don't I sing the title song ever so sweetly?.. (just for you, my sweet)..

.. I have the feeling I might have posted this same clip on an earlier thread of ours.. but who's counting, anyway??... v.

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:52 pm
by Violet

.. I understand, sweet heart.. you're shy about some of your evilish ways.. now, it's not that I'm not slightly worried about what sort of devil child we're going to bring into this, well, apparently truly evil world.. but that's months away, thank god.. Actually.. there's something of even greater importance I think that has just recently come to my attention.. you see.. it seems, Georges darling, that, well -- hard to believe, I know -- but it seems that people around here are.. well, gossiping about us.. they seem to think we're.. well.. in love.. (god only knows where they got that idea from)...

.. anyway, for this reason I have a little list of things I thought I'd give you.. just a practical list of don'ts, as it happens, so that we might in some way discourage all this pesky gossip.. oh, and as I've demonstrated for you before, I do sing.. and here's another example.. but what's truly surprising, my love -- uh, Curly -- is how wonderfully you sing too..

.. well, that ought to clear up the problem for now, I think.. oh, and we better hold off on the kisses and love bites (and all the other naughtiness we usually get up to at the end of these posts I write).. I mean.. people will say.. well, you know what they'll say..

Yours Truly,
v i o l e t (flower) xx oo


x baby, I said no kissing..
okay, just a little.. x x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x x
xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx gosh this
gingham dress is so tight.. would you
unfasten it for me, sweetie?..xxxxxxxx xxx x x
oops.. I thought we were behind paranthesis.. xxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x
oh, and they're watching us do all this kissing too xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx.. gee, stopping all of this is going to be
tough going..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x x xxxxxxxxxx x x x ... xxxxxx x x..
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx x x oh, so you like the petticoat?.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx x xxxx x x x..
xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x oh, and these bloomers?.. they're sorta cute, aren't they?.. xxxxxxxxxx xxx
xx x xx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x xxx are you throwing bouquets at me again? x x x xxxxxx x xx x
.. oh, and you're laughing at these jokes.. now, what did I say before?.. xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxx my god, are your sighs so like mine... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx oh, who cares about the gossip?.. xxxxx I'm so ready for you.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x.. get yourself over here,
right this instant xxx x xx
xxxxxxxxxxx x x .. (I think everyone's staring at us)..

.. anyway, what I wanted to say, my love, now that we've sort of messed things up again (including my hair.. do you know how long it took me to get it to look like that?).. (no matter, darling, it was well worth it)..

.. now where was I??..

.. oh, what I wanted to do was to actually post for you this little practical list of "don'ts" so you can start practicing for next time.. you know, just so's we can keep all the gossip down..

okay, here goes:

1) don't throw bouquets at me (that sounds easy enough, but you couldn't stop yourself today from doing this, now could you, my sweet?.. oh, and you threw the most darling velvety violets too..)..

.. okay.. moving on..

2) don't please my folks too much.. (uh, they've passed on, I'm afraid, so not to worry too much on that count I'd say)..

3) don't laugh at my jokes too much (this one will be hard)..

4) don't sigh or gaze at me (oh.. stop it)..

.. okay.. almost done now..

5) your eyes mustn't glow like mine (uh.. pretty hard to stop that from happening..)..

.. and last but probably not least..

6) don't start collecting things.. give me my rose and my glove.. (now, I know how sentimental you are.. this one will be tough).. (come on, Georges, give them back to me.. oh, at least the rose.. you can keep the glove)..

.. (wait a minute, just what are you doing with that glove??).. (you are naughty, you know that?..) xxxxxxxxxxx (oh, and you say it's from a Leonard song..).. (that's a long way from Oklahoma.. I must say..).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx x x x xxxxxx x x x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx x x x x x xxxxxxx x x xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxx xxxx x (my love)...

edits.. I can't believe I'm here, at this late date.. finding things that bug me.. just little things, but.. geez...

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 12:34 am
by imaginary friend
Dear Georges,

A word of friendly advice to add to UltraVi's list of 'dont's:

7) Don't (whatever else you do) adopt Curley's hairstyle. Pompadours went out before I was born.

(That's correct Violet. BEFORE I WAS BORN.)

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 8:56 am
by Violet

... okay, honey bunny (and no I don't mean you, I.F.. I haven't figured out what your cutesy name should be yet).. anyway, Georges, my love.. I'm beginning to get it.. you're shy about your evilish ways.. and yet you shrink in the face of -- well, American 50's musicals..

.. anyway, my sweet.. I've decided what we need to do is to renew our wedding vows.. after all, our one ceremony.. many many posts ago now.. was on that treacherous bridge of ours.. (the one of no return).. and while it may have been very very sexy way out there at the nexus of eternal light and darkness, it was also very very secret (and quite windy, as I recall).. so.. it doesn't really count, I don't think) (I mean, not because of the wind, but because of the secret part).. so anyway, my sweet, I decided that the best way to renew our vows would be as these rather Gothish musicians*..

.. so, yes, my darkish-dankish knight of the never ending -- well, night.. (these rather morbid lyrics serving as our wedding vows, it seems).. I will follow you underground.. and forget about.. well, your sicknesses and your sorrows.. and I'll visit you where your body rests.. and yes I'll wear that long white dress.. (though I thought you preferred purple velvet??).. oh, and as you can plainly see here, I'm with child.. our devil child, it seems.. so I thought, what the hay, I'll just tatoo this considerable tummy of mine while I'm at it.. try to get into the spirit of things.. (if you can't beat 'em join 'em.. some might say).. and yes, my love, I agree.. the end could be soon.. we better rent a room -- so you can.. love me..

.. I do hope this is a nightmare from which I will awake.. pure and v i o l e t like.. (darling, you are sexy though.. all Gothed out like that).. (how many guests should we have.. do you think???)..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (my love).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxx x xxx xxx

* some compare Mark Lanegan to Leonard.. personally.. I don't see it.. (he is rather sexy though..)..

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 11:56 am
by George.Wright
Hi Violet,
What a video and the tatoos, something else...... I have been away for a while at Dankish things, but have returned. I have been naughty and ask for your forgiveness and I am ready to renew our vows, given your present condition.......
I send my Love and my eternal urges......Georges xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 9:53 pm
by Violet

... baby, I forgive you..

..................................................................................................... come here...


Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Mon Sep 14, 2009 10:07 am
by George.Wright
Hi Violet,
Have returned from the Dankish wilderness and I am ready to travel again. Where is our next destination? I send my Love and the dark kisses............

Love Georges xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 12:52 am
by Violet

.. hmm.. it’s almost October 31st.. and with my dankish knight, Georges.. I guess I know what that means..

.. hun?.. are you around?..

.. this looks like our wedding night, I guess.. my god, you're not kidding you send "the dark kisses"..

.. gosh.. I’m not so sure about this, my sweet.. I mean I’ve resisted this temptation since the very start with you.. still.. I.. I somehow want it.. you've got me in your darkish-dankish (vampirish) spell, no doubt.. and somehow I've lost all resistance..

..oh, sweetness --how could you???...

.. that was some night, wasn’t it, darling?.. I can see why you like Ireland, though.. I mean.. you seem to fare better with some cloud cover..

.. well.. I guess this means eternity for us?.. I mean, I love you, yes.. but eternity.. that’s an awful long time, my sweet.. an awful lot of capes to iron and hem and dry clean.. and.. um.. what else is there to do.. I suppose we could put together that New Orleans band I’d been talking about earlier.. I mean, we have a lot of time to work on it, after all.. especially as neither one of us is a musician, last time I checked.. (though I have deep down aspirations.. kind of like these deep down feelings I have for you, my death’s dankish conqueror..)..

.. okay.. in honor of New Orleans (once again).. I think I’ll turn you into J.J... (I’m really into him right now for some reason).. (oh, and I’m the one you left in New Orleans).. (anyway, I couldn’t leave you all crumpled up on the floor in that ghastly corner, after all)..

.. come on, baby.. we were just having a bad night, that’s all.. now sing to me so nice the way you do..

your “sweet thing”..
m a g n o l i a (flower).. xxxx
xxxx (waiting for your own sweetness to return) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (way down south.. in..
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx x
xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx (I can’t tell you what happens to me when you play that guitar as sweetly as that).. xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx
xxx (do you mind terribly kissing these marks on my neck?.. maybe you can use some of your darkish magick(ish) wizardry to make them disappear??.. my low key romancer).. (or do I mean necromancer???).. xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx x xxx
(you really are smooth, though.. xxxxxxxxxx).. xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx (gosh, and you really have missed me.. ).. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I guess absence makes the.. well.. I won’t say... this is for general audiences, after all.. xxxx .. but you really are.. xxxx ).. xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xx x xxxxx (OHMUGOD.. ).. XXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXX XX XXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXX X XXX XXXX X XXX XXX X XX .. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx... xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx (geez.. what was I saying before?.. we’d have plenty to do for a whole eternity.. xxxx ) xxxxx (silly me).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (is our white steed waiting for us outside, sweet heart?..).. xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx (the 9th Ward is a bit dangerous, after all.. but it’s all I could afford, I’m afraid.. my velvety-smooth guitar slayer)... xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx x xxxxx xxx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxx x x.. (my.. sexy thing)..xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. (my.. )..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx x (oh.. by
the way, sweets.. I do like to cook with garlic.. I hope that's not going to be a problem.. I mean, I see you hissing sometimes when I'm taking some out.. and I've often wondered about that).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .. (my dankish knight.. of the.. dankish night)..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .. (my death's desire..).. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx.. (my xxxxxxxx x x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xx x x x x well.. my.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxx.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx...x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x
x xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 10:03 pm
by George.Wright
Hi Violet,
Lovely posting you left here and the connection is Magick, everyone knows that new Orleans is full of Hoodoo and JJCale reminds me of Mark Knoffler at the guitar. You now know, why I like Ireland, it's for the cloud cover, why not come over and join me for the feast?????

Your Dankish Romantic Prince Georges xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Re: Colonial Suicide

Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:26 pm
by Violet

… baby, I know it’s been quite some time since you left me flat in New Orleans.. but let’s face it, we’re bound to have a few lovers’ quarrels..

As it turns out, you were right to give our devil baby away to that man who said he was channeling Aleister Crowley..

.. I mean, I’d have gotten tired I think of that black-bassinette-with-the-upside-down-cross number, which really messes up any decorating scheme, I think.. well, unless you’re an avid Goth -- oh, wait.. I guess you are an avid Goth (something-or-other).. (never mind).. But certainly our child’s evil-amber animal eyes would have begun to wear on me.. over time, I mean..

Anyway, all's forgiven, my sweet..

... as for now, it might interest you to know that I’m presently in L.A., where a woman of my malleable identity traits is sure to find her fame and fortune.. Still, as busy as I’ve been out here, there’s never been a moment, my darling, of my not missing you.. not a one..

.. Anyway, here’s me.. in my little yellow VW bug convertible.. (with my yellow hair to match).. traveling the cinematically treacherous cliffs along the California shoreline..

.. oh, and here’s the song that’s in my head.. it’s all about us, my love..

.. so please pull yourself out of those cloyingly dankish dens of yours, way up in the northernmost Irish regions of my most feverishly romantic mind.. and come back to me.. (I know a place that makes great Margaritas)..

forever and ever your..
v i o l e t (flower).. xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx (yes, and all these heavenly yellow kisses are just waiting for you..)..x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx x x
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx x

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx .. (my love).. xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx..