Poem in Spanish

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Poem in Spanish

Postby leonardo_kohn » Thu Oct 15, 2015 6:23 pm

I read a poem written by L.C. in spanish.
The spanish name is "Se acabo" (It's over) and during two days I'm googling and cannot found.
Anyone knows the original name in english?
The poem goes like this:
Se acabó
no voy a ir detrás de ti
voy a tumbarme media hora
Se acabó
no voy a descender
por tu recuerdo
no pienso restregarme la cara en él
voy a bostezar
voy a estirarme
voy a meterme una aguja de tejer
por la nariz
y sacarme el cerebro
no quiero amarte
el resto de mi vida
quiero que tu piel
se desprenda de mi piel
quiero que mi gancho
se libere de tu gancho
no quiero vivir
con la lengua colgando
y otra canción obscena
en el lugar
de mi bate de béisbol...
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Re: Poem in Spanish

Postby Cate » Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:08 am

It's This is It, from the Book of Longing. (I don't speak Spanish but google translate got it close enough)
This Is It

This is it
I'm not coming after you
I'm going to lie down for half an hour
This is it
I'm not going down
on your memory
I'm not rubbing my face in it anymore
I'm going to yawn
I'm going to stretch
I'm going to put a knitting needle
up my nose
and poke out my brain
I don't want to love you
for the rest of my life
I want your skin
to fall off my skin
I want my clamp
to release your clamp
I don't want to live
with this tongue hanging out
and another filthy song
in the place
of my baseball bat
This is it
I'm going to sleep now darling
Don't try to stop me
I'm going to sleep
I'll have a smooth face
and I'm going to drool
I'll be asleep
whether you love me or not
This is it
The New World Order
of wrinkles and bad breath
It's not going to be
like it was before
eating you
with my eyes closed
hoping you won't get up
and go away
It's going to be something else
Something worse
Something sillier
Something like this
only shorter
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