Hydra: a pelgrimage to Leonard Cohen's Greek Island retreat.

Our biennial Hydra meetups, and the big 2002 Event
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Hydra: a pelgrimage to Leonard Cohen's Greek Island retreat.

Post by Wybe » Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:57 pm

https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2016 ... nard-cohen

In the Guardian.
Come December, well after the end of the tourist season for the Greek islands, the atmosphere in Hydra changes. From cosmopolitan and festive during the summer, the mood turns contemplative as winter arrives and the blue skies become a rare occurrence. Last month, another event marked the turning of the season: Leonard Cohen’s death.
A young couple, who have come to pay their respects, sit next to Cohen’s house and read his poetry aloud

Hydra was the musician and poet’s spiritual and physical home in his 20s, and many places here are still tied to his presence – a source of pride for the local inhabitants, who are gearing up to honour him throughout next year.

The tiny island in the Argosaronikos has been defined by the great singer-songwriter’s time here.

By the port, Rolo Cafe, once known as the kafenion O Katsikas, is where Cohen and a generation of artists and bohemians hung out. It is also where his first concert took place – just Cohen with his guitar and only a few friends in the audience, round the back of the shop.

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