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by medicinejar
Wed Feb 04, 2015 9:23 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Jennifer Warnes
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Re: Jennifer Warnes

As an aside, I met Jennifer Warnes at an autograph signing at the Ottawa Bluesfest a few years back. She was incredibly nice. I told her what an impact Famous Blue Raincoat had on me. Prior to that album, I had been pretty much a rocker with only a few forays into folk music. That album opened up a ...
by medicinejar
Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:06 pm
Forum: 2014 releases: Popular Problems & Live in Dublin
Topic: Popular Problems: Memorable Lines
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Re: Popular Problems: Memorable Lines

I keep waiting for it too.... I wonder if he did not go there because he's done it before. My favourite thigh moment is probably "But I lingered on her thighs a fatal moment" From this album, my favourite line thus far is: "A husband leads. A wife commands." And yes, I am married.... and sometimes I...
by medicinejar
Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:59 pm
Topic: Tour Continuing Until December 2013??
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Re: Tour Continuing Until December?

[quote]We could open our traditional quiz: where do you think will be the last concert (name the city)?[/quote]

Tough call. Where do I think he should play his concert? There is only one city - Montreal.
by medicinejar
Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:15 pm
Forum: Tribute concerts, Cover versions & Soundtracks
Topic: Where to buy Nancy White's Leonard Cohen's Never Gonna Bring
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Where to buy Nancy White's Leonard Cohen's Never Gonna Bring

Hi everyone, Does anyone know where I can buy Nancy White's Leonard Cohen's Never Gonna Bring My Groceries in? I would prefer to buy it as a digital download but beggars can't be choosers. I have searched for it online a few times, but cannot find a place where to buy it (including her website/myspa...
by medicinejar
Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:27 pm
Topic: Report by someone who have listened to the whole album
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Re: Report by someone who have listened to the whole album

It's always hard to say about these sorts of things. I really wondered if Dear Heather was about that too. The inclusion of Go No More a Roving but also the overall feel of several of the songs. It could be that this will be LC's final album, but it is also possible he is at an age where one reflect...
by medicinejar
Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:31 pm
Forum: News
Topic: New bootleg live CD: 'Back In The Motherland'
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Re: New LC live CD announced: 'Back In The Motherland'

I have to say I refuse to buy bootlegs as I see it as someone trying to make money off an artists work without compensating them. That said, I have a lot of free bootlegs I have downloaded mostly from . For those who don't know about them, you might want to check it out (though it tak...
by medicinejar
Tue May 31, 2011 9:50 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Vote for Leonard Cohen - for McGill's Greatest Graduate
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Re: Vote for Leonard Cohen - for McGill's Greatest Graduate

I am a big Leonard fan, but Wilfred Laurier got my vote though I was tempted by Charles Taylor. Leonard is a great artist but I don't put him in either Laurier or Taylor's league. Not trying to peave anyone off though.
by medicinejar
Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:15 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Grandpa Again
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Re: Grandpa Again

[quote]I cannot comprehend why we are discussing the decision to have a child, made by two responsible adults[/quote] Because it's the internet and too many obsesive people can't help themselves. I have never understood the need of people poking their noses into the lives of "celebrities" and worse ...
by medicinejar
Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:39 pm
Forum: News
Topic: remastered series - Totally Abandoned?
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Re: remastered series - Totally Abandoned?

That's- too bad. I bought all three remasters that were released a few years back and was looking forward to updating my library as they released the rest. Thanks for the updates!
by medicinejar
Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:40 pm
Forum: News
Topic: remastered series - Totally Abandoned?
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remastered series - Totally Abandoned?

A few years back we had the release of the first three LC albums remastered and I know there were plans to remaster his entire catalogue. While I was aware that plans for future remasters were delayed, I am now wondering if they have been totally abandoned? Anyone know where things stand on these? C...
by medicinejar
Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:18 pm
Forum: News
Topic: Leonard Cohen turns down GLEE TV series
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Re: Leonard Cohen turns down GLEE TV series

Unless I am missing something, LC cannot deny them permission for most of his catalogue because it got all sold off to Sony who I would guess now have last word in much the same way that the estate of Michael Jackson and Sony control the rights to covering Beatles songs.
by medicinejar
Tue Sep 22, 2009 3:40 am
Forum: News
Topic: Ira Nadel's article - Globe and Mail, Sept 18, 2009
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Re: Ira Nadel's article - Globe and Mail, Sept 18, 2009

I recall an interview with LC when he noted that after leaving Mount Baldy he initially planned to write a novel. Does anyone know if ever started it and if its completely abandoned as an idea?

by medicinejar
Wed Aug 05, 2009 7:09 am
Forum: Leonard Cohen 75 years (September 21, 2009)
Topic: Chelsea Hotel Plaque
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Re: Chelsea Hotel Plaque

I sent along my contribution today but wanted to thank Dick publicly for doing this. A wonderful idea!

by medicinejar
Wed Jul 22, 2009 2:09 am
Forum: The Fall 2009 Tour in USA
Topic: Big Announcement (July 22)
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Re: Big Announcement on Wednesday!

[quote="Squidgy"]Obviously, Leonard and Anjani will announce their upcoming marriage. That's my guess.[/quote] I will be very surprised if that happens. I think Leonard has made an effort to keep his private life private as much as possible. I am sure word would get out if they decided to get marrie...
by medicinejar
Thu Mar 05, 2009 11:39 pm
Forum: The North American Tour 2009
Topic: THANK YOU Jarkko!
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Re: THANK YOU Jarkko!

Thanks as well Jarkko. I got great seats for Montreal last year and a moderately priced seat for Ottawa this year thanks to the passwords you made available to us. I appreciate all your efforts!

Cheers from a quiet but daily visitor!

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