My Dream "Songs of Leonard Cohen" Concert

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My Dream "Songs of Leonard Cohen" Concert

Postby John Etherington » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:32 pm

About 30 years ago I imagined a Leonard Cohen tribute event in London. My fantasy was to have it at the ICA in Pall Mall, where Leonard gave a poetry reading on the day after his first London concert, and to ask Julie Felix and Felicity Buirski to perform. Miraculously, this vision manifested earlier this year when the concert at St James Church Piccadilly took place. It was in close walking distance of the ICA and featured the two aforementioned ladies. With this in mind here's my vision of a "Songs of Leonard Cohen" concert featuring musicians who have played with Leonard, or recorded original tribute songs by or about him. Here's a prototype list of the artists who might perform, and some of the songs that they might sing. First, the ladies:

Judy Collins: Suzanne, Sisters of Mercy, Priests.

Joni Mitchell (if she's not retired) Rainy Night House, The Priest - from "Ladies of the Canyon" (both about LC).

Julie Felix: Hey That's No Way to Say Goodbye, Bird on the Wire, Beside the Still Fjord (about Marianne and Leonard).

Jennifer Warnes: Famous Blue Raincoat, Song of Bernadette, Joan of Arc

Anjani Thomas: Nightingale, Crazy to Love You

Perla Batalla and Julie Christensen: Anthem

Sharon Robinson: Alexandra Leaving, Boogie Street

The Webb Sisters: If it Be Your Will, Coming Back to You

Felicity Buirski, Come to Me Darling, Four O'Clock in America (both about Leonard), The Window (which she played live in the Nineties, and which Leonard wrote when he was seeing her).

The Webb Sisters: If it Be Your Will, Coming Back to You

NEeMA: Lost in LA (from her album produced by Leonard)

John Cale: Hallelujah - The first and best cover of the song.

Adam Cohen - So Long Marianne, Like a Man (obviously inspired by his father)

Nick Cave: Diamonds in the Mind (from the "I Came So Far for Beauty" tribute, as were the next two).

Jarvis Cocker - I Can't Forget

Rufus Wainwright: Chelsea Hotel No. 2

The house band would be Leonard's last touring band, and the concert would be at the Royal Albert Hall.

Hopefully this will manifest while all of the above are alive and well... Over to the universe!

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