Canal Walk - Winter

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Canal Walk - Winter

Postby Jimmy O'Connell » Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:22 am

Canal Walk – Winter

Once again I walk by Srah castle, its gable-length
crack still unsettling; yet so it has been down
generational memory, the fissure permanent,
its anonymous history continues;

over the iron railway bridge the silver-green
commuter train ambles in modern rumbling tones
towards Athone thickening the canal
path’s winter stillness.

At Ballydrohid bridge I lean over and remember
the summer heron stately gliding to its grassy nest
and swallows darting and swooping over
self-contained moorhens.

Unexpectedly, my eyes glimpse snowdrops by
the water’s edge; blooms of winter encased
in a cot of sleep held within the delicate momentum
of on-coming sap-spring;

they may emerge into uncertainty, or remain,
what is viewed before me, as memories,
encotted tenderly in silent clay encasements
within planetary earth’s ever whirling dirge

to death and spring and death and the silent
music of the unquieting universe, ever convulsed
in the certainty of its own chartered movement
onwards and towards and onwards.
Oh bless the continuous stutter
of the word being made into flesh
-The Window-

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